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Who Leads the Team

Greg Chudiak - President & CEO

Year Joined: 2000 Greg Chudiak

Greg brings to Pandell's senior management team a strong background in the software industry along with solid management experience.

In his prior position, Greg headed Microsoft's consulting division across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He was responsible for managing the group to achieve consistent business success as a top ranked performer.

Mr. Chudiak is a Professional Engineer who holds bachelor degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. As President and CEO of Pandell, Greg is responsible for providing leadership and managing the company's overall business, its acquisition strategy, and ongoing market expansion plans.

David Beresford - VP Research & Development

Year Joined: 1997 David Beresford

As one of the founding partners of Pandell, David Beresford leads the vision that has brought Pandell's technology to the forefront of the industry and is responsible for the leading edge development of Pandell's technology.

David utilizes his thorough understanding of technology coupled with anticipating key industry trends to map out the architectural plans for the Pandell Lithium software toolset. David has pioneered the creative use of advanced web programming, extensible database architectures and leading edge user interfaces to deliver Pandell's technology platform.

As Pandell's Vice President of Research & Development, David is responsible for guiding the technology strategy for the company's software products.

Cleave Whitaker - Division Manager, Land & Enterprise Solutions

Year Joined: 2005 Cleave Whitaker

Cleave has a strong technical background with experience in developing high-end enterprise level applications from the ground up. This hands-on understanding allows him to bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical worlds which helps him to see all angles when taking on a new technical project.

Mr. Whitaker holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary and is responsible for both internal operations management and business development at Pandell.

Corey O'Keefe - Financial Controller

Year Joined: 2012 Corey O'Keefe

In his prior position, Corey managed the accounting function of a Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service provider serving the Canadian and American dental industries. In this position, he played a pivotal role in establishing the organization's accounting practices and control procedures for both its Canadian and US operations.

Corey is a Certified General Accountant (CGA) with a Masters Degree in Finance from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelors Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management. Corey has helped design a series of eLearning courses and tools in personal finance, accounting and capital market theory for a variety of organizations serving the financial services, publishing and software industries.

As Financial Controller of Pandell, Corey is responsible for furthering the company’s financial accounting and reporting processes, ensuring tax compliance documentation is filed in a timely manner and maintaining the overall integrity of the organization’s financial information.

Kim Sassano - HR & Office Manager

Year Joined: 2004 Kim Sassano

Kim's background is in customer service with experience in administration, HR, and accounting. In her previous position Kim managed the customer service division at Voodoo PC where she helped establish a customer focused culture.

As the HR and Office Manager, Kim is responsible for managing the human resources, customer support, accounts receivable activities, and office operations. She is focused on promoting a positive corporate culture across the organization.

Karen Beagle - Marketing & Communications Manager

Year Joined: 2006 Karen Beagle

Karen brings a combination of exceptional creativity and technology marketing experience to the management team at Pandell.

After completing her degree at the University of Calgary, Karen contributed to successful B2B marketing programs in both the high-tech and oil & gas industries. She has excelled in developing innovative programs that increase brand recognition in targeted vertical markets.

As Marketing & Communications Manager, Karen is responsible for developing strategic, tactical and innovative program plans that build brand awareness, create interest in and demand for Pandell's products and services.

Steve Marsh - Creative Director

Year Joined: 2001 Steve Marsh

Starting in 2001, Steve joined to help elevate the Pandell brand through strong marketing initiatives, improve Pandell's software experience through modern day design, and bring an overall cohesion to Pandell's creative direction.

With 15+ years of hands on web, print and software design experience, Steve excels at helping bring design and development teams together to create rich and powerful user interfaces for Pandell's software solutions. Steve can be seen implementing cutting edge design techniques to Pandell projects and marketing ventures in an effort to keep Pandell's initiatives fresh and often ahead of the curve.

As Pandell's Creative Director, Steve is responsible for providing innovative design solutions across all of Pandell's divisions.

Kim Messenger - Sales Manager

Year Joined: 2011 Kim Messenger

Kim joined Pandell in 2011 as a Senior Sales Executive, selling Pandell’s oil & gas software products and services to new businesses, and managing existing customer accounts. She came to Pandell with 15 years of IT business development experience, a natural ability to foster strong business relationships, and a demonstrated talent for communicating best practices. An accomplished trainer and team builder, she has created and mentored sales teams for technology companies in Houston, Dallas, Vancouver, Kelowna, and Calgary. With Pandell, Kim has been instrumental in opening up new vertical market opportunities in the U.S. and growing sales revenues in the Canadian energy industry.

In September, 2016, Kim was promoted to Sales Manager and is now driving staff and business resource strategies for regional and international sales initiatives. In addition to managing the sales team, Kim delivers energetic presentations to a variety of audiences on topics that include tactical sales strategies, customer service excellence, and ongoing professional growth.