LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

Right of Way Software Screenshots

Modern and Simple Screens Make Pandell Crossings Consent Management Software a Snap to Use.

Here are screenshots of Pandell Crossings right of way software and the user interface. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Screenshots and user interface are subject to change as Pandell Crossings is always growing and evolving to help better serve our clients.

Pandell Crossings cloud software login screen
Pandell Crossings Right of Way software dashboard showing a Master Agreements list of consent agreements and their statuses
Pandell Crossings software interface showing an overview of the addendums section of an energy project
Pandell Crossings dashboard showing addendum-related documents uploaded and attached to an energy project
Pandell Crossings interface showing consent agreements overlayed onto a GIS map
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