LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

GIS Software Screenshots

View Sample Screens of Our Easy to Navigate Parcel Mapping Software.

Below are a selection of screenshots of the Pandell GIS user interface. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Screenshots and user interface are subject to change as Pandell GIS is always growing and evolving to help better serve our clients.

Pandell GIS interface showing spatial land data overlayed onto a map divided into land parcels
Pandell GIS interface showing wind leases and pending leases boundaries overlayed onto an Esri ArcGIS map
Pandell GIS land mapping software interface showing a map synchronized with Pandell LandWorks and Esri ArcGis land data
Pandell GIS map interface showing an overlay of spatial land data and a window containing a list of tracts and their statuses
Pandell GIS dashboard showing a land agreement maintenance panel containing map details and other related data
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