LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

Land Software Screenshots

Take a Refreshing Peek at What Modern Oil and Gas Lease Management Software Looks Like.

Below are screenshots of the Pandell LandRite oil and gas land asset management software's user interface. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Screenshots and user interface are subject to change as Pandell LandRite is always growing and evolving to help better serve our clients.

Pandell LandRite dashboard displaying active wells, mineral acreage, and other land data Pandell LandRite land asset management software's Surface section displaying surface details such as agreement types and status Pandell LandRite's Mineral section displaying lands and rights overlayed onto a map Pandell LandRite's Contract section displaying a Chain of Title diagram Pandell Landrite's Rental Run section displaying a grid report of lease agreements

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