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Automate payment processes for simple to complex royalty obligations.

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Is Our Land Management Software Right For You?

If you're a developer or operator of wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, marine & hydrokinetic, nuclear, or biomass energy production facilities, then Pandell's land software is for you. Use it to manage your land assets & leases, stakeholder contracts & communications, payment obligations, GIS mapping, and to track and analyze your project costs.

230+ System & Data ConversionsOur project teams have helped dozens of companies convert from ineffective land, financial, and field operations systems, to our modern digital solutions.

3 out of 4 Companies Choose Pandell75% of companies that engaged Pandell in a product demo over two years went on to select Pandell as their enterprise software partner.

500+ Energy CustomersOur web-based solutions deliver innovative functionality and data security to companies in all energy sectors, from startups to global energy leaders.

Built to Solve Key Renewable Business Challenges

Pandell’s Land & GIS suite makes it easy for land teams to track and view progress on new development projects in real time, manage all forms of land rights, view upcoming project obligations, and pay complicated royalties generated by wind farms, solar arrays, and other energy production facilities.

What's Your Business Challenge?

  • Challenge

    New Development Projects


    Create New Projects in Minutes “We’re a renewables company with over 15 GW in development and we use GIS tax parcel information to create new records in the land system. This has substantially reduced data entry time; it takes only minutes to load multiple parcels and create new wind farm projects complete with polygons, landowner details, and legal descriptions.”

  • Challenge

    Land Asset Mergers & Acquisitions


    Easily Map Real-time Workflow Status on Multiple Projects “Our challenge was tracking project status among multiple parallel workflows. With GIS mapping tied into our land data, we can toggle between workflows and instantly view where each tract is in the appraisal process, contract negotiation, and other workflows.”

  • Challenge

    Real-Time Analysis of Growing Operations


    View Rolled-up Dashboard Analytics “As one of the world’s largest wind power producers, we rely heavily on Pandell’s dashboards and custom reports to drill down to the data view we want and get answers to critical questions like ‘what’s the status of my assets today?’ and ‘what tasks do I need to complete to maintain my land rights?’”

  • Challenge

    Paying Complex Royalties


    Automate Payment Processes “We’re a major clean energy producer with about 30 GW of solar and wind projects. Pandell’s land management software automatically imports production and sales data to generate production royalties. Calculation spreadsheets attached to each lease auto-calculates what each payee should receive.”

  • Challenge

    Landowner Communications


    Track and Automate Critical Admin Work “We use Pandell’s land system to auto-generate payee remittance letters for the six U.S. states where we operate wind farms. All the royalty payments for the quarter are processed with the click of a button and letters are generated that include details about how each landowner’s payment was calculated. Payment variables get pulled from the database and the letters are customized with the company logo and wind farm name.”

Central Web Repository for Land Leases, Contracts, & Related Data

  • Easily search and report on your wind and solar leases, option agreements, met tower leases, PPAs, easements, and permits, from one database.
  • Data fields can be configured for wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, marine & hydrokinetic, nuclear, biomass and other clean energy projects.
  • Includes built-in logic for managing Pre-Install Exp Date, Post-Install Exp Date, and Commercial Operation Date on renewable energy leases.

Esri Integrated GIS Maps

Project Management & Tracking

  • Real-time web portal for communication between energy operators and project land and field agents
  • Cloud-based project repository for all crossings requests and sharing consent status.
  • Landowner and community stakeholder management, communications, and compliance reporting.
  • Project status maps designed to support multiple parallel workflows.

Software Solution Case Study

U.S. Utilities Giant Optimizes Land Assets With Pandell Land & GIS Software and Services

Download Case Study PDF

Automates Payment Obligations

  • Calculates production royalty payments by importing data from production and sales systems such as SCADA.
  • Supports complex royalty calculation frameworks including true ups, minimums, advance royalties, accruals, and escalations.
  • Includes electronic payment approvals.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Standard reports designed for the clean energy industry allow you to track turbine performance and contribution, wind and solar farm costs, and set up of your development and operations payments.
  • GIS-enabled dashboard analytics provide custom reporting criteria at a glance for executive decision making and day to day operations.
  • Advanced Excel reporting capabilities.
  • Manages FASB/IFRS reporting requirements with automated exports of key lease data changes to accounting.

Project Cost Tracking

  • Generate, approve, and track AFEs from inception to close-out for the development of wind farms, solar arrays, and other capital projects.
  • Monitor AFE costs against budget by tracking AFE actuals and forecasting remaining costs.
  • Integrate with your financial system (SAP, Oracle Financials, Great Plains, and more) to share vendors, chart of accounts, payments, and actual costs.
  • Integrate with your land system to communicate project status with land stakeholders in real-time.

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Why Choose Us?

Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

Outstanding Customer ServiceFrom our top-ranked help desk and user training programs, to our product implementation, hosting, data migration, land record digitization, and mapping services; we have the most comprehensive value.

Proven Technology LeadershipWith a significant portion of our revenues directed right back into R&D, we constantly evolve our product suite to support ongoing customer growth, shifts in regulatory standards, and advancements in digital technology.

Future FocusedWe believe every Pandell software user deserves an awesome customer experience. Our focus on Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support, underscores this belief and guides us in our ongoing work.

Top Renewable Companies Use Pandell Software

With the global shift toward renewable energy, and clean power projects steadily increasing in North America, today 20% of the top 25 wind power producers in the U.S. use our integrated land, GIS, and project management solution.

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Top Wind Power Producers Choose Pandell

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Renewables Industry PDF

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