QuickBooks Online Integration

Real time system integration between QuickBooks and Jobutrax saves time, eliminates data re-entry errors, and prevents duplicate invoicing.

Jobutrax pushes the following data directly from recorded field tickets into QuickBooks

  • Customer
  • Equipment
  • Parts
  • Services
  • Field Ticket Line Items (incl. quantity, rate, discount, item name, description)

Jobutrax maintains linkage to your QuickBooks invoice

Invoice Numbers

When a ticket in the Jobutrax Field Ticket List gets sent to QuickBooks for invoicing, the invoice number is saved with the ticket for reference and to prevent double invoicing. This makes it easy to reference affiliated invoice information and adds a greater level of audit control to your billing process.

Invoice Data

Jobutrax can report on the invoice details in addition to the field ticket details. This enables end-to-end invoice automation with third party supplier invoice portals including Cortex and Open Invoice.

Create Invoices in 3 Steps

Step 1: From Jobutrax, click “Connect to QuickBooks”

User clicking Connect to QuickBooks button

Step 2: Select One or More Tickets From Your Field Ticket List

User selecting field tickets

Step 3: Click “Create Online QuickBooks Invoice”

This consolidates your selections and creates the invoice with all ticket items attached.

User clicking Create Online QuickBooks Invoice button

Streamline Your Field Ticket Management

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