What is Your Purpose?



We know how to take care of our own

Some of the great benefits of joining our company

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Fully Stocked Kitchen

Fueling the body is mandatory, because it’s hard to concentrate when the stomach is empty. So we always make sure food and drink are a-plenty.

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Casual Workplace

We don’t care what you wear, we care about what you achieve. Dress in what makes you comfortable, but please have some mercy for your co-workers.

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Flexible Hours

Different lifestyles result in different work schedules. You have the freedom to choose your hours and whether you work in our fabulous space or in your tree house.

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Electronics & Fitness Perks

Whether you’re a fitness buff or techy geek, we’ve got purchase plans to support your interests.

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Health Coverage

Do you know the key to eternal life? We don’t, but giving you amazing health care coverage couldn’t hurt.

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Dental / Vision Coverage

Caffeine and sugar overloads can lead to bad teeth and crazy eyes, so we’ve got you covered.

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Challenging Work

Restrictive, uninspired, and boring work doesn’t exist here. We like to go where no human has gone before.

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Modern Technology

Technology frustration is a scary epidemic. We fight it by providing you the best equipment and freedom to set it up however you desire.

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Shared Community Cards

We think the little things make a difference. Sign out shared community cards for stuff like Banff Park access and deluxe car washes.

Our Core Values

We Will...

  • Core Value - Deliver an Awesome Customer Experience

    Deliver an Awesome
    Customer Experience

    With software that is finely tuned to what our customers need and want; is attractive in both form and function; and is coupled with customer services that are knowledgeable, helpful, timely, consistent, and friendly.

  • Core Value - Use Teamwork


    With a culture where working together, focus, and extra effort achieve exceptional results in a challenging, flexible, fun environment where we are all passionate about our craft.

  • Core Value - Always Improve


    By being relentless in driving advancements throughout our products, client services, operations, sales, and marketing.

  • Core Value - Humble

    Be Humble
    and Good

    In our interactions, acting with honesty, respect, and compassion with team members, customers, business partners, and in our community.

Pandell Staff Working Away

Within the Walls

We build leading-edge technology, work on amazing projects with talented people, and have a lot of fun doing it. We work in collaborative teams, hold many learning events, and have an open door policy at all levels. Simply put, we provide the means for you to achieve your best in a relaxed and supportive environment. But since everyone needs a break, it’s not uncommon to catch a few Pandellions practicing their golf swings, hanging in the lounge, or having a friendly game of pool.

Pandell's Annual Stampede Breakfast

Outside the Walls

We take every opportunity to zap the senses and do some team building beyond the hub. With all sorts of activities to choose from, you can blow your mind at a blockbuster movie; pamper your soul at a spa day; energize your body at the ski hill; swallow your pride at a golf tourney; cultivate your trash-talk at a game of shinny; or release your dancing queen at a Christmas party. All are welcome, and new ideas are encouraged.