Pandell GIS is designed for:

Easily Map Your Land Assets

Pandell GIS software connects your land system data to the Esri ® ArcGIS mapping platform. It manages spatial data creation and maintenance for all types of land related polygons including upstream and midstream oil and gas, utilities, and renewables projects.

Pandell GIS software interface showing data overlayed on an Esri ArcGIS map A zoomed in section of an Esri ArcGIS map with various spatial data overlayed onto land parcels
Pandell LandWorks software interface showing land data pulled from Pandell GIS A zoomed in section of the Pandell LandWorks dashboard showing data synced from Pandell GIS

Tie-in to LandWorks Land Management System

Pandell GIS and Pandell LandWorks are two peas in a pod. They work seamlessly together to eliminate data duplication and enable better planning, analysis and communication. By connecting in real-time, they maintain data integrity and facilitate accurate reporting.

Get Esri ArcGIS Technology in a SaaS Hosted Bundle

Pandell GIS is fully integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS technology and can be acquired as a single, affordable, hosted solution. By bundling these technologies, you gain world leading GIS tools, reports, and document image display for your land management.

Esri logo signifying Esri's ArcGIS full integration with Pandell GIS

Pandell GIS Parcel Mapping Software's Interfaces Allow for Easy, Real-Time Navigating of Project Data