Coffee with Pandell

Get to Know Us

A podcast that takes a quick glimpse behind the scenes of your favorite software company in just the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Join us for this peek into all that makes Pandell, Pandell.

The Sessions

  • Episode #10 - Coffee with Cecilia Ferron

    This week we speak with Cecilia, a Training Specialist at Pandell! Sit in as we discuss all that our training services provide.

  • Episode #9 - Coffee with Laura Holt

    This week we meet with Laura Holt, Director of Land Products at Pandell, and we discuss some exciting news about LandWorks!

  • Episode #8 - Coffee with Jason Heard

    Ever wondered what a Senior Software Architect does? Time to find out! This week we speak with Jason Heard, learn about his work, passion for board games, and how his hunt for employment lead him down an unexpected path.

  • Episode #7 - Coffee with Terry Wray

    Eliza chats with Terry Wray, Customer Support Specialist, about the support process at Pandell and life as a cobbler (not the dessert!)

  • Episode #6 - Holidays at Pandell

    This week, we ring in the holiday season with a holiday special! Hear about all the special traditions and celebrations upheld at Pandell over the holiday season. Also, 10 lucky listeners get to grab a cup of coffee on us! Learn how!

  • Episode #5 - Coffee with Our Services Coordinator

    This week we speak with Michelle, an employee at our Houston office who is also a Services Coordinator extraordinaire! Michelle talks about the services she coordinates at Pandell, and we 'ear something unique about her ears!

  • Episode #4 - Coffee with Our Manager of Project Services

    This week we meet with Kathleen, Manager of Project Services at Pandell. She talks about what kind of Project Services Pandell provides, her love of animals, and we get a surprise when we learn about her secret hobby!

  • Episode #3 - Coffee with Our Technical Specialist

    This week Eliza speaks with Peter Buur, Technical Specialist here at Pandell. He walks me through his role in helping customers with data conversions and I learn a thing or two about his youthful run-ins with the law.

  • Episode #2 - Coffee with Our Marketing Director

    This week Eliza chats with Karen Beagle, Pandell's Director of Marketing. They discuss marketing strategies in the current working environment, and Karen shares a funny story about an awkward run-in with airport security.

  • Episode #1 - Coffee with Our Customer Support Manager

    In this episode, Eliza sits down with Dustin Stewart, Manager of Customer Support. They discuss his role with Pandell, and learn something new about his socks!