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Close the gap between field and office by sending your paper processes packing.

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Is Our Field Services Software Right for You?

Field / oilfield service companies that work with O&G producers, renewable energy operators, pipelines, electric utilities, and mining companies, use Pandell software to manage their job tickets, customer invoicing, timesheets, safety certificate tracking, and a lot more.

230+ System & Data ConversionsOur project teams have helped dozens of companies convert from ineffective land, financial, and field operations systems, to our modern digital solutions.

3 out of 4 Companies Choose Pandell75% of companies that engaged Pandell in a product demo over two years went on to select Pandell as their enterprise software partner.

500+ Energy CustomersOur web-based solutions deliver innovative functionality and data security to companies in all energy sectors, from startups to global energy leaders.

Improve Communication Between Field and Office

These days you can’t afford to make mistakes that technology can prevent. Business leaders everywhere have learned that when compared to digital process management, paper-based manual processes carry a much higher cost in staff productivity and business efficiency. Pandell provides web-based software tools that reduce costs and improve communication between field and office staff.

What's Your Business Challenge?

  • Challenge

    Paper Processes are Inefficient


    Go Digital to Save Time & Money “Our well services company was going through paper job tickets like crazy and paying more than a dollar per ticket. Plus, tickets were slow to get back to the office and had to be verified before going into the system. Compared to the material and manual costs of that old process, we’re now paying less overall for software licenses and we get tickets in immediately so we can bill them out faster.”

  • Challenge

    Payroll and Billing Don’t Match


    Automatically Sync Tickets to Payroll “We had a problem with guys forgetting to include line items or hours during the signature process, then asking us to correct for their pay afterwards. Now our timesheets are generated directly from ticket line items in our Pandell software, so crews are motivated to be more accurate with billings because it’s directly tied to their pay.”

  • Challenge

    Paper Business Forms are Error Prone


    Get Custom Electronic Forms & Checklists “We were constantly finding and fixing mistakes on our paper forms until Jobutrax gave us access to digital forms that capture our inspection reports, calibrations, delivery checklist, and JSA. The forms link directly to the customer, job, and/or ticket so it’s a lot more accurate.”

  • Challenge

    Reducing Employee Risk


    Trade Onsite Approval for Digital Sign-off “Since our company switched off of paper tickets, our crews don’t have to drive to jobsites for sign-off and then back to the office to drop off paperwork. They can avoid driving unnecessarily on service roads, especially in Northern Alberta and BC where they can be pretty hazardous.”

  • Challenge

    Managing Safety & Equipment


    Track and Access Certificates Online “Before, when our crew got to the jobsite and were asked to show proof of certification, it could take a while to get the office to look it up and fax it to the site. Sometimes we’d cross our fingers and hope nothing had expired. Now that we’re using Pandell software, we see what’s coming up to expire and can stay ahead of it. We don’t have delays in job-starts anymore because our staff can login and access maintenance records and certificates right on site.”

Efficient Digital Field Ticketing

  • Easy User InterfaceSimple-to-use field apps are built with familiar Microsoft® Office-like functionality and can be accessed using any web browser.
  • Same Day Ticket UploadsWhy wait for field staff to return to the office to drop off a week’s worth of job tickets? Upload tickets on the same day as service to speed up customer billings.
  • Offline AccessCreate tickets on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, from any remote location, then sync-up to submit tickets when you’re back online.
  • No Lost TicketsDigital field tickets don’t fall behind the truck seat, get accidently thrown out, or get left in coveralls destined for the wash. A digital ticket audit log ensures no job gets missed.

Vendor Invoicing Portal

  • Free Invoice SubmissionDigitally submit invoices directly into your customer’s accounts payable system to speed up payment processing. No charge to vendors.
  • Auto-Validate InvoicesData validation technology verifies submitted invoices against your customer’s A/P codes, BI master files, and other specified requirements.
  • Invoice Status TransparencyCheck online for live status updates on your submitted invoices, instead of chasing down updates via phone or email.
  • Digital AFE & Cost Center SplitsAutomatically split invoice balances to meet AFE and cost center billing requirements specified by your customers.

Timesheets & Payroll Automation

  • Auto-Create TimesheetsSave time by automatically generating timesheets from approved field tickets and your payroll business rules.
  • No Manual ReconciliationFree up field and office staff from having to reconcile timesheets to payroll and field tickets.
  • Custom Business RulesApply custom business rules for easy management of overtime, shop time, and pay irregularities.
  • Improve Payroll AccuracyPrevent conflicts and personnel issues related to over-reporting hours spent on the jobsite.

Full Field Reporting in Real-Time

  • Revenue ReportingRevenue analysis reports include labour versus cost; date range; unit; customer by location; and others, via static and dynamic search tools.
  • Safety CertificatesTrack staff and equipment certifications, safety meetings, and JSAs. Enable crews to quickly download required certificates from your online data repository, accessible via secure login.
  • Equipment UtilizationMonitor which equipment is utilized most to calculate your ROI. Plus, get a clear picture of where your equipment has been.
  • Consumables InventoryManage consumables inventory through purchase orders and tickets.

Why Choose Us?

Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

Outstanding Customer ServiceFrom our top-ranked help desk and user training programs, to our product implementation, hosting, data migration, land record digitization, and mapping services; we have the most comprehensive value.

Proven Technology LeadershipWith a significant portion of our revenues directed right back into R&D, we constantly evolve our product suite to support ongoing customer growth, shifts in regulatory standards, and advancements in digital technology.

Future FocusedWe believe every Pandell software user deserves an awesome customer experience. Our focus on Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support, underscores this belief and guides us in our ongoing work.

Top Field Service Companies Use Pandell Software

Field service companies providing construction, imaging, testing, renting, drilling, hauling, and a host of other services use Pandell software for end-to-end billings process management from the creation of digital field tickets, right through to tracking of their submitted invoices.

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