Full Production Accountability and Web-Based Controls

Access PetroNet with any web browser anytime, anywhere. With duplicate data protection, secure user roles, and a simple to use interface PetroNet streamlines your workflow allowing your team to be more productive and prioritize work based on reporting.

Pandell PetroNet software dashboard displaying data A zoomed in section of the Pandell PetroNet dashboard showing well DOI's

Drill Down with Robust Reports

Ensure you're seeing the whole picture by analyzing reports from a company level view down to well/partner level. Produce up-to-date government reports including EUB requirements and Crown Royalty Imports, and sync data with Alberta Registry and other government authorities to make sure your data is compliant.

Link PetroNet Data Directly with your Financial System

Pandell PetroNet allows you to bring in data from third-party systems such as well tests, measured production, receipts and dispositions, and more. Easily export the data into your financial system or to Excel with a single click.

Pandell PetroNet Features

Operated / Non-Op Properties

Oversee all aspects of well / battery production, sale & inventory data. Import non-op volumes and revenues as well as sales taken-in-kind.

Sales Splits

Each facility / well can facilitate multi-contract splits, and prepare pipeline and partner split reports with direct email and fax.

Revenue Reports

Data entry by purchaser allows for visual balancing to the total amount received from each purchaser, in addition to balancing each facility and contract.

Royalities and DOIs

Manage royalties and DOIs with included utilities to copy and handle mergers / acquisitions of partners.

Configurable Security

Easily allow certain users to see the whole picture and restrict those who shouldn't with user-defined security & hierarchy.

Streamlined Workflow

Overcome workload issues caused by increased well counts, labour shortages, and stricter government deadlines all while monitoring the monthly process.

Government Reporting

PetroNet features built in functionality for Alberta, BC, Sask, Manitoba & Indigenous. Including calculating crown royalties, pipeline splits, and more.

No Maintenance Required

Save your team the hassle and let Pandell host, update, maintain your installation of Pandell PetroNet as well as providing routine backups.

Minimal Training

The simple, intuative interface makes it easy for your team to get up and running quickly, with Pandell support staff just a phone call away if you need it.

More Great Features

Full Well / Battery Lifecycle Summary

Excel-Based Customizable Reports

Gas Allocations

Calculation Using WGR / GOR

Import Non-op Volumes / Revenues

Multi-Contract Splits

Track Royalties on ARTC-Eligible Wells

Sales Volumes for Multiple Contracts

Simple-to-Use Master Setup

Multi-Month Reporting

Crown Royalty Calculation

Remote Access from Anywhere

Transportation, Processing and Overhead Charges

Freehold, Override & Indigenous Royalties

Integrates journal entries into any Financial System

Shallow Gas Well Calculations

Royalty Summaries Emailed to Owners

Pandell PetroNet Offers the Best PA Solution for Oil and Gas Producers

Why Choose Us?

Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

Outstanding Customer ServiceFrom our top-ranked help desk and user training programs, to our product implementation, hosting, data migration, land record digitization, and mapping services; we have the most comprehensive value.

Proven Technology LeadershipWith a significant portion of our revenues directed right back into R&D, we constantly evolve our product suite to support ongoing customer growth, shifts in regulatory standards, and advancements in digital technology.

Future FocusedWe believe every Pandell software user deserves an awesome customer experience. Our focus on Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support, underscores this belief and guides us in our ongoing work.

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