Pandell Jobutrax is designed for:

Create Digital Field Tickets Online or Offline

Jobutrax makes it fast and easy to create field tickets using any device, anywhere. Just sign in on the web or work offline and upload tickets later. More than 4,700 field staff and office staff have used Jobutrax for field ticket tracking.

Jobutrax’s interface which lists tickets submitted for invoicing and their current statuses A zoomed in view of a list of digitized field tickets, their statuses, and invoice submission order

Avoid “Tickets in the Truck” Billing Losses & Delays

Paper field tickets that are stuck in the truck may not make it into the office quickly (or at all). With Jobutrax digital field ticketing, you’ll know the status of every ticket and even submit tickets for invoicing on the same day.

Streamline Your Entire Tickets-to-Invoice Process

Jobutrax autofills tickets with customer-specific details like service codes and pricing, to save time and reduce errors. Once a ticket is created it can be approved, imported into accounting, and billed out, without ever having to re-enter data or print a copy.

A sample invoice already filled in by the software as a result of the automated ticketing process
Software UI which shows timesheets automatically created from approved tickets and payroll rules An enlarged view of data synced together from field tickets, timesheets, and payroll

Sync Timesheets & Payroll with Field Ticket Data

There’s no value in entering the same data twice. Jobutrax automatically builds timesheets from approved ticket data and your payroll business rules. Freeing up field and office staff from this task gives them more time to add value elsewhere.

Integrate with Accounting Software

Streamline Data from Tickets to Invoice

See What People Are Saying About Jobutrax

How Cascade Benefits from Field Services Software

VP of Engineering

An field crew member explains how quick and easy it is to start creating tickets with Jobutrax

Field Crew

Field Manager Travis from Colter Energy Services talks about how they use Jobutrax on the field

Field Manager

Brian Meiklem from Skyline Well Testing talks about using Jobutrax as part of their business process

Business Owner

Accessible From Anywhere, Pandell Jobutrax Is Easy-to-Use Field Ticketing Software

Asst. Operations Manager
RCM Transport

It’s become much easier to keep track of what's going on day to day and to monitor our billing.

Aly Energy Services

The reporting we get out of Jobutrax is exactly what we need!

Accounting Manager
Colter Energy Services

If we didn't have Jobutrax we would need at least two additional Admin staff.

Plains Environmental

Top tier product and service.

Field Office Manager
LSC Industrial

Our field guys love it! They don’t have to worry about keeping track of piles of paper.

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