Pandell Roads is designed for:

Uncover Revenue with
Unrestricted Back-Billing

If your lets agreements are tucked away in a stack of file boxes somewhere, there’s probably years of unbilled revenue hiding away in there too! Roads’ invoice generator gets those billings out of the boxes so you can put cash in the bank!

Pandell Roads cloud software showing a grid list of road use invoices Zoomed in section of Pandell Roads displaying a list of auto generated invoices
Pandell Roads software dashboard showing energy projects summarized by type, area, and revenue metrics Zoomed in section of the Pandell Roads software interface showing a pie chart of energy-related industries

Review Rolled-Up
Project & Revenue Data

Roads gives you three powerful ways to analyze live road use data. Review a dashboard of summary charts; create & export saved reports via smart folders; or slice and dice data any way you like with customized grid searches.

Visualize Your Data
with Interactive Mapping

Manually compiling project data is time consuming and error prone. Pandell Roads plots agreement and project data on a map so you can easily spot mistakes and be confident that your information is accurate.

Pandell Roads software interface displaying a visual map overlayed and partitioned by addendum rates Zoomed in section of the interface focusing on a map overlayed with plot agreements and project data

Pandell Roads' User Interface Focuses on Unburdening Road Access Agreement Management

Les Hogan, Chief Operating Officer
Harvest Operations Corp.

Since implementing Pandell's Landscape Roads system, we can manage our information much more effectively. As a result, we are operating far more efficiently.

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