Pandell AP is designed for:

Cut Invoice Processing Time by 60 to 70%

Pandell AP provides a virtual hub where invoices can move seamlessly through your approval workflow. Eliminate processing delays caused by manual invoice transfers, out of office approvers, and incomplete or inaccurate invoices.

Pandell AP cloud software dashboard showing invoices ready to be automatically processed Zoomed in section of the Pandell AP dashboard where invoices can be assigned to the user's approval workflow
Pandell AP interface showing an invoice's details such as discount terms A section of Pandell AP software showing terms of a vendor early payment discount

Save Money with Vendor Early Pay Discounts

Pandell AP can save you thousands every month by opening the door to more efficient staffing strategies and vendor early payment discounts. Business executives report significant ROI by capturing discounts that average up to 36% APR.

Review Invoices Easily Wherever You Are

Pandell AP lets you access invoices from the field just as easily as you do from the office. By securely logging in with any web browser, approvers can conveniently review, approve or reject invoices anytime and anywhere. …Even from the fairway.

Pandell AP cloud software on a tablet Pandell AP software invoice details accessed via a mobile device

Reduce Vendor Inquiries By Offering Digital Invoicing

Pair up with Pandell VP so your vendors can submit their invoices electronically. It’s fast, easy, and FREE for your vendors to use. And the best part is you’ll both benefit from process controls that ensure neither party has to chase down service details or status updates.

Pandell AP’s Modern Look and Feel Contribute to It Being the Best Invoice Routing Software Out There

Derek Blizzard, Controller
Tamarack Valley Energy

Pandell AP allows us to maintain better control within our A/P process. We can now monitor the approval and pay status on any invoice, and reduce our paper consumption to almost ZERO.

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