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Why Should Your Utility Company Use Pandell Land?

Electric, gas, water, and telecom companies use Pandell software to manage their land assets and leases. Whether you’re a municipality, part of a cooperative, or a large investor-owned utility with subsidiaries around the globe, you can use Pandell software enterprise-wide as your central system of record. Pandell can empower your team to manage any type of land right, including rights-of-way, deeds, surface leases, permits, contracts, and temporary workspace agreements, all from a single system.

230+ System & Data ConversionsOur project teams have helped dozens of companies convert from ineffective land, financial, and field operations systems, to our modern digital solutions.

3 out of 4 Companies Choose Pandell75% of companies that engaged Pandell in a product demo over two years went on to select Pandell as their enterprise software partner.

500+ Energy CustomersOur web-based solutions deliver innovative functionality and data security to companies in all energy sectors, from startups to global energy leaders.

Digital Support for Your Critical Land Management

Make it easy for your business teams to track and manage any type of land right from acquisition to divestment. Pandell’s land and GIS suite integrates with your accounting, document management, and facilities management systems to facilitate accurate administration of intricate obligations and provisions. Track progress on new development projects in real time, provide remote access to field agents, and view project work on intuitive, easy-to-use web maps.

What's Your Business Challenge?

  • Challenge

    Tracking Improvement Projects


    Combine Custom Workflows with GIS Maps “We’re an electric cooperative serving customers in nine U.S. states and we’re using Pandell software to manage our acquisition, survey, and other land-related projects. We create custom workflows and attach them to each land record and parcel. For example, if a temporary workspace is required for a repair project, we create a work order, attach tasks to the project, and track hours for billing. As each record progresses through its workflow, the GIS map updates automatically to show current parcel status in real-time so we can better monitor progress.”

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    Managing Your Diverse Land Assets


    Administer All Agreements in a Single Database “With our large variety of assets comes an equally large variety of obligations and challenges. With Pandell software, we can manage our regulated and non-regulated business within the same database, as well as both deeds and leases. The system integrates with our accounting software for one-time, annual, and escalating payments.”

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    Analyzing Your Operations in Real-time


    View Rolled-up Dashboard Analytics “As an Investor-owned utility with four subsidiaries, we rely heavily on Pandell’s dashboards and custom reports to drive strategic land management decisions. We drill down to the data view we want and get immediate answers to critical questions like: Am I in compliance with all obligations and special considerations? Am I paying rent or taxes on properties I don’t need anymore? And, can I validate all transactions against their current agreements and bills?”

  • Challenge

    Accelerating Fieldwork


    Mobile Field Apps and Maps “We’re an electric power and natural gas utility company operating 15 interconnected generating stations. We use Pandell land and GIS software so that our field staff can instantly check land rights and record landowner contacts directly into the system. Our vegetation management group can create a map based on a specific line and show restrictions in red to aid the field crew in planning.”

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    Streamlining Landowner Communications


    Automate Tasks & Update Data in Real-time “We cut down our manual data entry significantly by using Pandell’s land system to auto-fill Microsoft Office forms, such as easement, planned maintenance operations, and compliance letters. Plus, our field reps use the Contact Management mobile app to record landowner communications which helps keep our database continually up to date.”

All-Inclusive Land Rights Repository on the Web

  • Easily search and report on your utility leases, deeds, easements, term rights-of-way, permits and contracts from one database.
  • Web-based deployment allows any authorized user to access information from anywhere.
  • Automatic audit controls and robust security options ensure the integrity of your data.

Best-in-Class Esri GIS Mapping

Project Management Portal

  • Real-time web portal for communication between energy operators and project land and field agents.
  • Cloud-based project repository for all crossings requests and sharing consent status.
  • Landowner and community stakeholder management, communications, and compliance reporting.
  • Project status maps designed to support multiple parallel workflows.

Software Solution Case Study

U.S. Utilities Giant Optimizes Land Assets With Pandell Land & GIS Software and Services

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Payment Process Automation

  • E-calendar functionality tracks all payment obligations and delivers reminders to designated staff.
  • Records and calculates escalations as required.
  • Includes standard payment reports and electronic payment approvals.

Dashboard Analytics & GIS-Integrated Reporting

  • Standard reports designed for the utility industry let you query and retrieve agreements by line or facility. Create reports and maps showing multi-line rights, vegetation management, ingress/egress provisions and obligations along a line.
  • GIS-enabled dashboard analytics provide custom reporting criteria for day-to-day operations and at-a-glance executive decision making.
  • Advanced Excel reporting capabilities.
  • Manages FASB/IFRS reporting requirements with automated exports of key lease data changes to accounting.

Project Budget Tracking Across Land, Ops, & Finance

  • Generate, approve, and track AFEs from inception to close-out for the development of wind farms, infrastructure, and other capital projects.
  • Monitor AFE costs against budget by tracking AFE actuals and forecasting remaining costs.
  • Integrate with your financial system (SAP, Oracle Financials, Great Plains, and more) to share vendors, chart of accounts, payments, and actual costs.
  • Integrate with the land system to communicate project status with land stakeholders in real-time.

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Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

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