More Than What You're Used To

We put a lot more into making our customers love us than writing a few million lines of code.
It’s how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

What the other guys do

Some old-school software systems are recognized for their longevity in the industry, but are also known for diminishing product development, patchwork data integration, and meager support services.

What Sets Us Apart from the Pack

We’re different. We constantly invest in four customer-centric focus areas: our Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support. Our customer’s needs always come first. THIS matters to them.

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Old-school technology allows you to keep doing things the same way you've always done it, but at the expense of gaining greater business efficiency.

What does modern technology do for you? For starters, it enables you to:

  • Do detailed asset analysis through custom self-driven reporting;
  • Visualize your land holdings with advanced mapping tools;
  • Improve communication with partners via instant information delivery;
  • Work remotely on web apps that go wherever you are;
  • And streamline workflow through automatic document generation.

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Old-school system providers may achieve data hosting via third-party software, but the results are slow and IT-heavy in comparison to the real deal.

We’ve been developing O&G web apps with data hosting for the past 20 years. Our customers sleep well at night knowing we’re delivering +99.9% uptime, full data backups, highly secured user-access, and ultra-fast processing.

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Some old-school software providers require you to use third-party software to transfer data to and from other systems. It’s a cumbersome and potentially costly process.

Sharing data between Pandell products and other systems is made easy thanks to more than 100 API data exports available. Our project management teams conduct detailed business analysis and integration service work for customers coming off old systems or seeking new digital workflows.

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Old-school system providers are notorious for having slow, sporadic, and expensive user support, and for declining to provide data consolidation service to support your M&A activity.

At Pandell, our customers get flexible user training; 24/7 help desk resources; free software version upgrades; and efficient database migration services. And through regular advisory meetings with clients, we’re able to drive continuous development that improves their user experiences.

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