Pandell Crossings is designed for:

Eliminate Backlogs in Administration of Agreements

The key benefit of Pandell Crossings is that it automatically generates consent agreements and related documentation, which takes the pressure off admin staff and enables them to power through high priority project work faster.

Pandell Crossings dashboard showing automatically generated third party consent agreements Zoomed in section of the dashboard showing consent agreements categorized by type
Pandell Crossings interface showing consent agreement sections while viewed on a laptop Pandell Crossings dashboard showing agreements on a map while viewed on a tablet

Get Immediate Access to Consent Information

If researching the status of a consent agreement sparks a flurry of boxes and paper shuffling in your office, then it’s time to go digital. Pandell Crossings hosts a document library so you can easily locate all your consent info on the fly.

Map Agreement Data
to Easily Identify Errors

When you’re managing high volumes of data, errors aren’t always easy to catch. Pandell Crossings plots agreement and project data on a map so you can quickly spot mistakes and be confident that your information is accurate.

Pandell Crossings software interface showing an overview of consent agreement data A zoomed in section of a highlighted section of a map signifying plot agreeement boundaries
The Connect Logo in front of a cloud backdrop symbolizing Pandell Connect's ability to seamlessly connect and exchange data Pandell Projects logo indicating the app's compatibility with Pandell Connect Pandell Crossings logo symbolizing the software's ability to integrate its data with Pandell Connect

Receive Requests & Provide Consent via Pandell Connect

Crossings integrates directly with our new web-based consent portal, Pandell Connect. With Connect, all incoming requests are streamlined into a standardized format that automatically populates data in Crossings.

Modern and Simple Screens Make Pandell Crossings Consent Management Software a Snap to Use

Barb Jensen Crossings Coordinator
Harvest Operations Corp.

Pandell's Crossings system has significantly improved our efficiency; what used to take hours to do, now takes only minutes. Plus, it's the only program on the market that creates documents and has reporting for management.

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