See Combined Analytics Across Your Enterprise

Pandell XD is a live reporting dashboard that aggregates financial, land, and operational data into graphs and widgets to monitor trends and KPIs in real-time. It seamlessly combines data from Pandell LandWorks, Projects, JV, AP, and AFE, making it the ideal reporting tool for corporate decision makers.

Gain Clarity by Mapping Your Operations

Reap the high-value benefits of GIS technology without having to invest in an enterprise GIS system. Easily visualize your location-based Pandell source information in combination with public, subscription or published corporate GIS layers to view your operations and surrounding activity while navigating to any point of interest using built-in Esri geocoding and search services.

Configure To Suit Your Role

Not all operational intel stacks up the same way, so neither should your dashboard. Pandell XD offers the flexibility to view rolled-up data in either tabular format, live interactive maps, or a multitude of widgets and charts. Easily setup your own advanced filtering and click between widgets to achieve the perspective you need.

Powerful Set of Dashboard Widgets

  • Project Acquisition
  • Surface Payments
  • Acquisition Costs
  • Capital Spend
  • Owner Compensation
  • Netback / BOE
  • OpEx / BOE
  • Well Count
  • Revenue, OpEx and Royalties
  • Realized Prices / BOE
  • Transport Costs / BOE
  • And more...

Pandell XD Features

Self-Setup & Go

A smart setup wizard gets you up and running in a single day. No expensive implementation project required. Then just click and drag tiles to add, delete, duplicate, and customize your dashboard.

Operational Hierarchy

Roll up your data to summary levels based on your organizational structure and business units. Give executives a window into key reporting metrics without relying on data source providers.

Multiple Viewing Options

Choose how you want your data displayed–whether mapped, tabular, or on a dashboard, to derive optimal analysis of project acquisition, surface payments, total compensation, and much more.

Cloud Document Library

Store corporate documents in the cloud to enable access to all stakeholders whenever and wherever they need it, via a simple and secure web login.

Facilitates Trend Analysis

Track trends in your land and financial operations across location, business unit, calendar quarter, date range, etc.

Third-Party Layer Map

Integrate mapping information from your corporate Esri environment, web map services, public information sources, and paid subscription data.

Pandell XD Provides Access to Key Organizational Reporting Metrics All in One Screen

Why Choose Us?

Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

Outstanding Customer ServiceFrom our top-ranked help desk and user training programs, to our product implementation, hosting, data migration, land record digitization, and mapping services; we have the most comprehensive value.

Proven Technology LeadershipWith a significant portion of our revenues directed right back into R&D, we constantly evolve our product suite to support ongoing customer growth, shifts in regulatory standards, and advancements in digital technology.

Future FocusedWe believe every Pandell software user deserves an awesome customer experience. Our focus on Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support, underscores this belief and guides us in our ongoing work.

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