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500+ oil and gas producers, midstream facilities, field services, land agents & brokers, pipelines, utilities and renewable energy companies across North America, use Pandell’s web-based software products for finance, land, and operations.

Software by Industry

Pandell Financial Suite

An integrated, cloud software platform that centralizes management and revenue reports, expenses, capital costs, and energy production for Canadian oil and gas companies. Use it for Seamless invoice processing from submission to payment; consolidated data management of AFEs, production, and joint venture accounting; and in-depth financial analysis through comprehensive, real-time reporting.

Pandell Land Suite

An integrated cloud software platform that centralizes the acquisition and management of land assets for energy developers and operators. Use it to visualize new land projects on interactive maps; administer land rights, provisions, and obligations; perform complex rent & royalty payments; manage rights of way; and communicate with stakeholders.

Pandell Digital Invoicing

An integrated, cloud software platform that validates and automates invoice workflow from submission to payment for energy operators and their suppliers. The solution leverages powerful data integration that extends from the operator’s master accounting system to a secure web-based vendor submission portal. The seamless digital workflow provides direct-from-source data validation and real-time invoice status transparency to service vendors, plus an end-to-end paperless process for both parties.

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