Pandell AFE is designed for:

Drill Down to What's
Really Going On

Canned reports are old school. Pandell AFE introduces an executive dashboard and dynamic Smart Folders which give you the flexibility to filter, save, and recall any combination of AFE data. Get to the core of your data fast, anytime.

Pandell AFE's executive dashboard containing a visual display of oil and gas metrics, KPIs, and various accounting data
Pandell AFE interface showcasing customizable smart folders and workflows A zoomed in sample of a customized AFE workflow

Get 85% Faster
AFE Approvals

Had enough of losing folders and tracking down late approvals? Pandell AFE directs your AFEs through electronic, customized workflows. Keep your AFE process, just make it faster, paperless, and audit ready.

Work on Your AFEs
From Anywhere

Pandell AFE makes working in the field just as easy as being in the office. All AFE data is stored in a secure, central web location and you can upload, edit, and approve AFEs using your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Pandell AFE Features

Full Archive & Library of AFEs

Don't split your workflow between legacy paper files and current digital ones. Pandell AFE keeps everything in one place for easy reference.

“My Work” AFE Organizer

Automatically populate your dashboard with work assigned to each user, helping you keep organized even if notification emails get overlooked.

Full Workflow

See the full workflow of an AFE and everyone who's interacted with it at any given point and allow only those with access to approve or reject AFEs.

Budget, Actuals and Field Estimates

Make audits a breeze by keeping track of historical imports, full property history, audit trails. Everything is linked to the AFE for ease of access.

AFE Dashboard

Dashboard widgets keep you up-to-date. Easily see quick counts, which AFE's are awaiting your action, system statuses, and much more.

AFE Task Notifications & Scheduling

Make sure you don't miss out on an important task with built-in notifications and the ability to schedule routine tasks.

Mobile Approvals

Never leave people hanging again, approve or reject AFEs on the go with the Pandell AFE mobile app.

Printable AFEs

Print any AFE in internal/external formats with informational variants available for those who need to drill down.

Electronic Signatures

With full support for electronic signatures you'll never have to print, sign, scan, and email ever again.

More Great Features

Smart Folders

Predefined & Ad hoc Reports

Configurable Company Logos

Informational-only Watermarking

Activity Monitor

Quick Counts

Export to PDF and Excel

System Statuses

Historical Imports

Advanced Search

Attachment & Document Storage

Excel-like Filtering

Automated Imports

Customizable Grid

Participant Affiliates

Complete User Management

Unlimited Approval Chains

Nested Pick Lists

Cost Centers

Configurable AFE Types

Watch List

Set Approval Limits

Authorization for Expenditure Proxies

Defined User Roles

Comment System

User Profiles & Preferences

Participant & Silent Partner Management

Recently Viewed Shortcuts

3rd Party Participant Response Tracking

Integrations With Other Systems

Connect to tools you're familiar with and more...

Pandell AFE's Modern, User-Friendly Screens Are a Key Reason Why It's the Best AFE Manager

Why Choose Us?

Best Product FunctionalityOur state-of-the-art products enable office, field, and management to perform daily tasks with ease, connect workflows across departments, and make well-informed decisions based on powerful reporting analysis.

Outstanding Customer ServiceFrom our top-ranked help desk and user training programs, to our product implementation, hosting, data migration, land record digitization, and mapping services; we have the most comprehensive value.

Proven Technology LeadershipWith a significant portion of our revenues directed right back into R&D, we constantly evolve our product suite to support ongoing customer growth, shifts in regulatory standards, and advancements in digital technology.

Future FocusedWe believe every Pandell software user deserves an awesome customer experience. Our focus on Technology, Hosting, Integration, and Support, underscores this belief and guides us in our ongoing work.

Henfy Alison, Financial Controller
Murphy Oil EXPRO USA

Pandell AFE has significantly reduced our AFE approval time, taking it from 20-30 days, down to only one day. I’m not sure how we could have survived without Pandell AFE this year.

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