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Pandell AFE is designed for:

Drill Down to What's
Really Going On

Canned reports are old school. Pandell AFE introduces an executive dashboard and dynamic Smart Folders which give you the flexibility to filter, save, and recall any combination of AFE data. Get to the core of your data fast, anytime.

Pandell AFE's executive dashboard containing a visual display of oil and gas metrics, KPIs, and various accounting data
Pandell AFE interface showcasing customizable smart folders and workflows A zoomed in sample of a customized AFE workflow

Get 85% Faster
AFE Approvals

Had enough of losing folders and tracking down late approvals? Pandell AFE directs your AFEs through electronic, customized workflows. Keep your AFE process, just make it faster, paperless, and audit ready.

Work on Your AFEs
From Anywhere

Pandell AFE makes working in the field just as easy as being in the office. All AFE data is stored in a secure, central web location and you can upload, edit, and approve AFEs using your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Pandell AFE's Modern, User-Friendly Screens Are a Key Reason Why It's the Best AFE Manager

Henfy Alison, Financial Controller
Murphy Oil EXPRO USA

Pandell AFE has significantly reduced our AFE approval time, taking it from 20-30 days, down to only one day. I’m not sure how we could have survived without Pandell AFE this year.

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