GIS Software Features

Pandell GIS Mapping Software Offers a Host of Esri-Integrated Tools to Make Mapping Your Land Data Easy.

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Innovative Technology Tools

  • Pandell LandWorks-GIS Interface Info icon
    Best Land & Spatial Integration
    • Dynamically links the agreement, tract, and legal descriptions to related layers in the GIS through an interface database and background synchronization service. This means when an attribute is updated in the land system, the GIS layers instantly reflect the change and vice versa.
  • GIS-Enabled Dashboards Info icon
    Personalize your User Experience
    • Customizable dashboards allow users to show all the data they need to support their daily work in real time with maps.
  • Maps on Every Land Agreement Info icon
    Visualize your Data with Live Esri Maps
    • With MapView embedded map windows, your lease analysts can work in the land records data and see a thumbnail map of the record they’re working on without having to leave the screen.
  • Live Project Status Maps Info icon
    See Project Status at a Glance
    • Task Model Layer tool allows users to visualize the status of any land project by showing the last task completed in a workflow for each tract on the project.
  • Lease Dissection Info icon
    Perform Detailed Analysis of Complex Lease Ownership
    • One of the challenges to displaying and analyzing oil & gas leases is dealing with overlapping leases. Overlapping leases are represented spatially as polygons that have intersecting areas. Dissection is our patented solution to this problem which splits any overlapping active lease tract polygons into a two-dimensional layer with no overlapping polygons and rolls up interest amounts from each lease so that analysts can visualize what they own at each point on the surface of the Earth.
  • eCalendar Integration Info icon
    Make Clear Payment Decisions
    • Pandell GIS integrates your payment obligations with live maps, so you can view the status of surrounding tracts and make payment decisions accordingly.
  • GIS Web Map Tools Info icon
    Simplify Team Collaboration
    • Pandell GIS includes a smorgasbord of quick-click web-based tools that make it easy for project teams to view, share markups, save, personalize, and print high quality GIS maps.
  • Land Web Map Tools Info icon
    Get to Your Data Faster
    • Select an area on a map to query; then view land agreement information, create reports or expiration maps, perform ownership analysis, and retrieve land documents.
  • GIS Analyzer Info icon
    Protect your Data Integrity
    • Tool monitors the spatial data to verify integrity with Pandell LandWorks data.
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Bridging the Gap in Workflow

  • AutoMapper Info icon
    Map Leasehold and Well Ownership
    • Save time by automatically creating polygons from legal descriptions driven by your land grid or parcel layer data.
  • Master Tract Loader Info icon
    Create Projects in Seconds
    • Create master tracts in bulk by selecting parcels in a cadastral layer in linear order and auto-number the master tracts in that line order.
  • Facility Loader Info icon
    Reduce Data Processing Time
    • Import facilities from a GIS layer as a Pandell LandWorks Facility and link the facility to the related tracts.
  • Parcel Tools Info icon
    Make Manual Mapping Easier
    • A set of 20+ tools to quickly and accurately digitize land agreement boundaries and descriptions.
  • DMS Integration Info icon
    Links to All Documents
    • Scanned documents stored on a file server or in a third-party Document Management System (DMS) can be easily launched directly from the map using Pandell GIS.
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Recognized Esri Expertise

  • Esri File Geodatabases
  • Gold Level Partner Network
  • 20-year Cornerstone Partner
  • SaaS GIS & Land Bundle Info icon
    Yes You Can Afford It!
    • Bundle Esri ArcGIS mapping tools with Pandell LandWorks and Pandell GIS software for an affordable monthly subscription fee.
  • ArcGIS Server Basic
  • 2-time Foundation Partner of the Year
  • Federal Small Business Specialty
  • ArcGIS Marketplace Provider
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System Integrations

  • Esri ArcGIS Server Technology
  • Document Management Systems
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Bar-Raising Support

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Big Picture Gains

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