Pandell Projects is designed for:

Collaborate with Your Brokers in Real-Time

Escape the tedious and time-sensitive task of compiling and sending project file updates via email. Pandell Projects gives Brokers and Producers the ability to track, communicate, and report real-time details of a project, securely over the web.

Pandell Projects cloud software interface displaying an overview of an oil and gas consultation project Zoomed in section of Pandell Project's interface which shows a pipeline project's stakeholders
Pandell Projects software interface showing a land project's status and client communication history A zoomed in section of Pandell Project's interface where a map has been overlayed with plot agreement boundaries

Map Your Projects to “See” Data & Fix Errors

Identifying errors on a spreadsheet full of data is like finding a needle in a haystack. Pandell Projects plots agreement and project data on a map so you can easily spot mistakes and be confident that your information is accurate.

Create Documents & Detailed Reports Faster

You’re not in Kansas anymore. Pandell Projects takes you to a world where standard surface documents are created with the touch of a button. Auto-generate agreements and notifications, or export a quick report for analysis.

Pandell Projects software dashboard displaying a grid list of surface projects and their land broker information A zoomed in section of Pandell Project's interface showing a variety of customized reports on a land project
Pandell Projects logo indicating the app's compatibility with Pandell Connect Pandell Crossings logo symbolizing the software's ability to integrate its data with Pandell Connect

Submit Requests & Get Consent via Pandell Connect

Projects integrates directly with our new web-based consent portal, Pandell Connect. Submit requests, communicate with stakeholders, and exchange consent documents, all from within Projects.

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See what people are saying about Pandell Projects
How Land Acquisition Software Helps Taylor Land|Pandell Projects

Pandell Projects Easily Expedites Land Acquisition Project Tracking and Document Generation Tasks

Jerad Bonetti
Evolve Surface Strategies Inc.

We used to manage our projects on spreadsheets. Once we realized that all of our project info could be managed with real-time updates available to all the key players, there was no turning back!

Sherry Frost
Birchcliff Energy

We needed a program to assist with tracking our land projects over the web. Pandell Projects has improved our ability to move projects forward to a timely completion, and it provides a good history of past projects.

David Meier
Apache Canada Ltd.

Pandell Projects is a very effective tool for managing surface land acquisitions in drilling programs and pipeline projects. Its reports help us manage timelines, anticipate completions dates, and identify projects that require additional time and resources.

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