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Mar 19 2007 | Product News

Calgary, AB – (March 19, 2007) Pandell is the number one provider of application solutions for oil and gas companies. Why? Because we provide complete solutions. We know that customer support is as integral to the adoption of our products as the products themselves. So we've taken some key steps forward in partnering our O&G applications with a newly expanded range of operational services.

Support Services News

Online Customer Support Center

Pandell's Online Customer Support Center will launch in March. Features include:

  • A resource library for current product manuals and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Quick-step links enabling secure and easy remote access to client applications by an industry support expert
  • Updates on our latest O&G products
  • Access to large file transfers with Pandell

"We don't live in a 9 to 5 world anymore," says Joel Pollard, Manager of Client Services. "Giving our customers one-touch information access whenever and wherever they need it, means they're getting the highest value from their solutions."

Downtown Center

On March 21, Pandell will open the doors to its new Downtown Center. The center will become our new headquarters for face-to-face customer meetings and client-centered activities such as:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Product focus groups
  • Lunch-and-learns
  • Group training sessions
  • O&G business needs analysis and planning
  • Customer appreciation events

Support Package Options

Exclusive to our Nexus application clients, we're pleased to offer a new range of support package options. As our clients needs differ from one another and from year to year, this service enables clients to select the level of customer support that works best for their individual business needs. Contact us for more information.

Oil and Gas Product News


Delphi Energy: a client success story - It may only have 25 employees but Delphi Energy Corporation’s capital expenditures are a whopping $150 million annually. Using AFENexus, Delphi saves countless time and money that would otherwise be spent chasing down every step of the AFE approval process.


Joint Venturists, we have lift off. JVNexus version 3.1 is now heating up the desktops of our first customers. Upgrades for all clients will be rolled out by the end of August. Highlights of JVNexus 3.1:

  • Faster work flow – JVNexus 3.1 incorporates user-based SOX compliancy, enabling companies to assign responsibilities by user rather than by hierarchy
  • Secure audit trail – JVNexus 3.1 tracks historical data changes by date and user for more accurate reporting
  • AFENexus integration - JVNexus and AFENexus integration enables total synchronization of project and accounting functions


Prepare for the power of PLI - A new generation of GeoNexus is well underway and scheduled for release in July. This web-enabled land management solution is being completely rebuilt using our Pandell Liquid Intelligence platform, giving it more power, greater flexibility, and a huge dose of "oooh, aaah".

New features – While ensuring the same great business functions as the current version, our PLI based GeoNexus adds:

  • Integration with other applications
  • Integrated map and land data from other sources
  • Advanced security, reliability and scalability
  • Browser based Microsoft .NET technology
  • Optional running environments: on an independent desktop, across a corporate network, over the internet

Prototype excites the user group - A user group made up of seasoned land-management professionals has been actively involved in the development and testing of the new GeoNexus prototype. With the support and feedback they’ve provided, the next generation of GeoNexus is preparing to be the most powerful land management tool imagined.

"I'm excited to be part of the user group that's helping develop the next-generation GeoNexus solution," says Carol Gaskin, Senior Land Administrator for Tusk Energy Corporation. "Pandell is clearly focused on the land management needs of junior and intermediate oil and gas companies."

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