Pandell Built Crude Oil Transportation System Proves Huge Success for Petrotranz

May 15 2009 | Product News

Calgary, AB – (May 15, 2009) Pandell Technology Corporation reported today that the Petrotranz Inc. Crude Oil Transportation System (COTS), developed, deployed, and managed by Pandell, has experienced rapid adoption by the oil and gas industry in its first year. Built and supported using Pandell's advanced PLI™ technology, the COTS application is an easy-to-use, web-based communication platform that streamlines and automates the crude oil transportation and tracking process. Adding to Pandell's repertoire of nearly 40 successful enterprise web solutions, the COTS application delivers the highest level of security and operational stability recognized in the software industry.

"We've gained immediate and ongoing business value from enlisting Pandell to build our solution," says Kevin Hein, Chief Operating Officer of Petrotranz. "First, Pandell delivered a secure, stable custom application significantly faster and with considerably less beta testing than we would have expected had it been developed using a traditional development process. Second, Pandell's web-based PLI technology has provided continuous direct benefit to our clients. These benefits include: improving our clients' data entry efficiencies; expanding their direct access to the system; and ensuring better security and audit control. Finally, Pandell's solution management services have relieved us of IT maintenance obligations, while giving us 24/7 operational support and the flexibility to make regular system enhancements."

"Leveraging Pandell's high quality technology, people, and service offerings has been instrumental in Petrotranz's ability to deliver on our core business strategy," says Brent Stankowski, Chief Executive Officer of Petrotranz. "We're looking forward to working with Pandell to roll out additional web solutions that provide the same standard of added business value to the energy industry."

"While we're thrilled to see Petrotranz' Crude Oil Transportation System take off as successfully as it has, we're not altogether surprised," says Greg Chudiak, President and CEO of Pandell. "With the combined strengths of Petrotranz and Pandell behind it, COTS has emerged as a positive and practical solution to an inefficient but vital industry process."

PLI technology is the proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) toolset that enables Pandell to deliver best-in-class industry software products and custom solutions. Built on Microsoft's latest .NET technology, PLI enables the development of rich, web-based software applications that are faster to build, easier to use, and trouble-free to deploy, support, and maintain. Inherently more scalable and secure than competitive solutions, PLI applications perform better across the web, and readily integrate with other systems.

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