Pandell and 3esi Delivering an Integrated O&G Software Solution

Sep 9 2010 | Product News

Calgary, AB – (September 9, 2010) Pandell Technology Corporation announced today the release of its first version of AFENexus software that features data integration with esi.manage software. The release comes after a partnership between Pandell and international E&P solutions provider, 3esi, was established to streamline the capital management processes of planning, tracking and controlling your capital expenditures.

Canadian E&P companies from junior to major, stand to benefit from this partnership through a more integrated approach to managing their capital budgets. A challenge for any E&P company is managing multiple AFEs within a predetermined capital budget. Now those challenges can be managed without the potential consequences of unexpected capital spending.

With the combined AFENexus and esi.manage solution, companies can:

  • Have esi.manage request the creation of AFE’s in AFENexus.
  • Automatically pass the required project and capital expenditure data to AFENexus
  • Automatically link the AFE number created in AFENexus to the esi.manage project expenditure
  • Test the AFE amount against the budgeted amount before it is raised in esi.manage
  • Test the AFE amount against the budgeted amount before it is sent for approval in AFENexus

“Integration and transparency between AFENexus and esi.manage will be a significant advantage to us,” says Rob Harding, VP Finance and CFO at Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. “We expect it will improve our efficiencies by reducing the need for manual data validation and reentry.”

Geoff Moore, Senior Analyst at Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. comments, “Pandell and 3esi have been very responsive to our unique business needs and have been very diligent in working closely with us towards a fully integrated solution.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer our AFENexus clients significant added value as a result of our partnership with 3esi,” says Greg Chudiak, Pandell’s President and CEO. “The integration of AFENexus and esi.manage was clearly a positive progression for both products and will offer tremendous benefits to companies using both products.”

About 3esi

3esi is an international E&P software and services company committed to serving the Oil and Gas industry by creating Integrated Business Planning and Capital Management Software Solutions. For more information, please visit

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