Pandell Releases PANexus™ v4.1 Production Accounting Software

Apr 13 2015 | Product News

Calgary, AB – (Apr 13, 2015) Pandell is pleased to announce the release of PANexus version 4.1, production accounting software. The new version introduces a gas module as well as direct exports to the COTS (Petrotranz) and JIBLink (Reddog) systems.

“This version really shows Pandell’s commitment to what its users need,” says PANexus user, Kent Geddes, JRL Consulting. “With the added features, affordability, and excellent support, PANexus is the perfect tool for startup and junior oil and gas companies.”

Key features of the new gas module include:

  • Recombination calculations at the wellhead
  • Swing gas, flowsplitting, and multiple cascades for gathered, heat & component methodologies
  • Detailed and fair allocation of fuel, flare and vent volumes
  • Facility gas schematic generated using data found in Volumetric inputs

The swing gas functionality makes it possible to deliver gas from a specific well or facility to multiple destinations. A built-in extension of swing gas is flowsplitting, which entails directing a well or wells to a specified sales point.

With the introduction of a facility gas schematic PANexus users can review their gas volumes from wellhead to point-of-sale, while providing a starting point for the EPAP declaration and other auditing requirements such as PAD report diagnostics.

“This release provides greater flexibility and data automation for our users, making it easier and faster for them to meet deadlines,” says Victoria Young, PANexus Product Manager.

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