How Did We Make the Branham300 List of Top Tech Companies in Canada …for the 9th Time?

Jun 01 2017 | Corporate

For the ninth consecutive year, Pandell has been named one of Canada’s 250 top performing ICT companies, by international data and research organization, Branham Group Inc. Why is this important? Because it demonstrates to our clients that we’ve got their backs; that we’re stable, resilient, and moving forward, despite what the economic environment throws at us.

Over the past two decades, we made it through the dotcom crash, the 2008 recession, and the most recent economic collapse. But we didn’t just make it through these challenges, we thrived.

  • We made several acquisitions and did steady R&D work to expand our software suite from 3 products, to 13 integrated solutions for financial, land, and operations management.
  • Our 2-person basement startup multiplied into a force of 100 passion-driven employees.
  • We grew our client base to 450 junior, intermediate, and major upstream petroleum companies, which includes 50% of Alberta’s biggest oil and gas producers.
  • We became a global software service provider for companies operating in Canada, the US, and Malaysia (Selamat pagi to our new Murphy Corp. users in Kuala Lumpur!)

We’ve managed to stay the course by balancing conservative operations with consistent re-investment in our technology. We also made our two biggest priorities: creating innovative solutions, and conducting ongoing analysis of our customers’ business processes. We know that if either of these priorities fall short, our ride on the top tech companies train will end, and we’ll become just another software company. How likely is it that our President and CEO, Greg Chudiak, will let this happen? Not bloody likely.

“Our products will never be finished and our jobs will never be done,” says Greg. “We’re on a journey that requires we flex with industry changes, stay ahead of the technology curve, and always be seeking out what we can do next, to help our clients do more with less.”

About the Branham300

The Branham300 is the definitive listing of Canada’s top publicly traded and privately held ICT companies, ranked by revenue. The list is comprised of companies that generate more than half of the nation’s ICT sector revenue, provides a snapshot of the Canadian ICT market, and is the gauge by which technology companies in Canada measure their success.

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About Pandell

Pandell is an industry leader in delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to 500+ energy companies in Canada, the USA, and abroad. Our customers range from startups to major enterprises across energy sectors including oil & gas, pipelines, utilities, mining, and renewable energy. Our cloud-hosted product suite helps finance, land, and field operations run their business more effectively; while our enterprise division builds and manages large-scale web portal applications that facilitate work across organizations. Combining the strength of our industry experience, Lithium™ technology, and practical software subscription model, we are Crafting the Future of Energy Software.