Welcome Charles Scott, Leadership Speaker and “Family Adventure Guy”

Mar 23 2017 | Corporate, Community, Events

Who is Charles R. Scott? He’s a 14-year veteran of Intel Corporation, a National Geographic-featured adventurer, a published author, and a doting family man from New York, who has embarked on and reached goals that many of us would never think possible. His adventures include cycling over 11,270 kilometers with his young children across Japan, Iceland, Europe, and the U.S., and guiding the first blind runner across the Grand Canyon and back (non-stop). Through these courageous experiences, Charles has gained a unique viewpoint on how to use discomfort to your advantage, take informed risks, and reach your optimal performance.

We invited Charles to Calgary to share with the Pandell Community his advice on how to develop an adventurous mindset to foster business and personal growth. During his two-day visit, he delivered a breakfast session for our clients and business partners; an afternoon workshop for our staff; and a fun evening presentation for our family and friends.

“I really liked Charles’ workshop. It was simple, practical, and inspiring!”

‐ Aditya Majmundar, Pandell employee

“I personally enjoyed the session very much, and my wife has taken Charles’ advice to heart by finding the positive in her work instead of focusing on the negative. It was well worth it for us to make the trip to Calgary.”

– Jeff Maronets, Pandell employee

More About Charles Scott

Charles’ popular workshops have reached hundreds of business professionals and thousands of school students across the USA and Canada. He draws on a variety of remarkable life experiences, including:

  • 2013 Bicycling 2,736 km of the Lewis and Clark Trail over the Rocky Mountains in 51 days with his son (age 12) and daughter (age 6)
  • 2012 Bicycling across Germany, Switzerland, France, and England in 42 days, with his son (age 11) and daughter (age 5)
  • 2011 Bicycling the circumference of Iceland in 46 days with his son (age 10) and daughter (age 4)
  • 2010 Running 74 km across the Grand Canyon and back again, while leading the first blind runner ever to run “rim-to-rim-to-rim”
  • 2009 Bicycling 4,023 km across Japan in 67 days, with his son (age 8)
  • Book publication Daunted Courage: A Family’s Bicycle Adventure on the Lewis & Clark Trail (Oct 2015)
  • Book publication Rising Son: A Father and Son’s Bike Adventure Across Japan (Dec 2012)
  • National Geographic published writing “Biking in Lewis & Clark’s Footsteps” 2013/06/20; “Lessons from Lewis & Clark” 2013/08/26; “Riding the Lewis & Clark Trail in Search of Roadkill” 2013/11/21; “NYC to Niagara Falls by Bicycle… with Kids” 2014/08/18
  • The Huffington Post featured article “First Blind Runner to Ascend Inca Trail Nonstop to Machu Picchu” 2016/10/28
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