Pandell Gives $70K Renovation to Discovery House Shelter for Child Development Centre

May 06 2019 | Community

Last year the Child Development Centre (CDC) at the Discovery House was a dreary and underutilized space scattered with worn-out toys, tired furnishings, and old school supplies stored in broken storage benches.

That was before Pandell staff rolled up their sleeves and embarked on an eight-month project to renovate the CDC. This didn’t mean just handing over a cheque; it meant researching, planning, purchasing, repairing, painting, moving, building, cleaning, furnishing, and everything else that goes along with a renovation.

On May 1st, Discovery House opened the doors to its new CDC – a bright and welcoming children’s haven brimming with modern resources to support positive child development and emotional healing. The freshly painted, well-stocked, and strategically organized centre is now the heartbeat of the shelter, providing dedicated areas for reading, physical activity, imaginative play, cognitive learning, sensory therapy, and baby stimulation.

“This is not just a renovation; the new CDC will change the lives of the hundreds of children who pass through our doors each day,” says Monique Auffrey, Discovery House CEO. “We know that children who experience domestic violence are more likely to become victims or perpetrators later in life. But the adverse impacts of violence can be mitigated if caught and addressed early. The people at Pandell have created an environment where this critical prevention work can take place and we just can’t thank them enough for it.”

The rejuvenated CDC will facilitate Discovery House’s violence prevention programs including Working with Kids, developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh; and ATTACH, developed by researchers at the University of Calgary and funded by the University of Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child.

Why did we do it?

The economic downturn in Alberta has been associated with an increasing number of reported incidences of family violence. Discovery House estimates 150,000 children in Calgary are currently being exposed to violence in their home.

Pandell organizes an annual Team Charity Project, however, this was our most ambitious project to date. The value of the completed project was $70,000, with $25,000 attributed to fundraising, donations, and corporate matching; $10,000 from in-kind donations; and $35,000 from staff resources used to manage and execute the project.

If you are experiencing family violence, please contact Discovery House for help.

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