Introducing Pandell XD: An Executive Dashboard for Energy Companies

Sep 15 2021 | Product News

September 15, 2021 (Calgary) – Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of our executive reporting dashboard, Pandell XD. This cloud-hosted solution offers live, rolled-up views of land and financial datasets and trends by seamlessly pulling data from multiple enterprise systems including Pandell Projects, LandRite, Landworks, JV, AFE, PetroNet, and others.

Until now, a major challenge for executive teams in all energy sectors has been how to effectively summarize, monitor, and analyze operational data from across their organization. Pandell XD was developed to meet this challenge. It displays aggregated information from multiple data sources segmented by business unit, operating area, region, or any other geographical or reporting attribute identified by the source system. Users can elect to display their live reporting results in a variety of charts, graphs, maps, and other widgets to gain the perspective they need.

“A recurring complaint we were hearing from energy operators was that aside from a couple long in the tooth software products out there meant for oil and gas reporting, there was a gap in executive reporting tools for wind, solar, hydrogen, utility, and mining industries; and even the limited reporting tools available to the oil and gas sector were expensive and complicated,” says Pandell XD Product Director, John Pongo. “Several companies told us that they were having to hire reporting experts just to get what they needed out of their systems. We listened and responded by developing a user-friendly, configurable dashboard that provides a real-time view of information anytime, monitors company-wide general trends, and compares key land and financial metrics for upstream, midstream, pipelines, renewables, utilities, and mining.”

Client Success

Today, the Pandell XD dashboard supports several US and Canadian energy companies as an integral part of their Pandell software product suite.

One intermediate, multi-national pipeline company that recently converted to Pandell’s land & GIS suite describes their dashboard reporting capabilities as a significant step forward in managing data intelligence when compared to the company’s former reporting system.

“Pandell XD has eliminated the need to run a custom report or spend time gathering data from multiple team members in preparation for our morning update meetings,” said a senior member of the company’s implementation team. “We’ve gained a macro business perspective without having to spend time piecemealing it together. Our managers who don’t have experience with, or access to inter-departmental databases now have transparency into the data. Plus, having live analytics reassures us that any potential problems can be identified faster than waiting to be caught during month-end. We’re very happy that we made the switch.”

How You Get It

Pandell XD is a now a key component of our web-based land and financial software suites, offered via an affordable, bundled monthly SaaS subscription. Backed by our exceptional product and support services, we deliver the most comprehensive back-office toolset in the energy industry, serving 500+ energy companies worldwide including 25% of the top wind energy producers in the United States. Call our sales team for a free in-person or online demo.

About Pandell

Pandell is an industry leader in delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to 500+ energy companies in Canada, the USA, and abroad. Our customers range from startups to major enterprises across energy sectors including oil & gas, pipelines, utilities, mining, and renewable energy. Our cloud-hosted product suite helps finance, land, and field operations run their business more effectively; while our enterprise division builds and manages large-scale web portal applications that facilitate work across organizations. Combining the strength of our industry experience, Lithium™ technology, and practical software subscription model, we are Crafting the Future of Energy Software.