Alternative Energy Industry Leans on Pandell’s Land Asset Management Software to Reach 60% Growth by 2026

Aug 10 2022 | Product News, Corporate, Articles & Blog Posts

What do Lightsource bp, a global developer of solar energy projects across 18 countries; Boralex, an independent producer of onshore wind power; and Grid United, a U.S. developer of utility-scale electric transmission projects all have in common? They’re trailblazers in clean power production and in 2022 they selected Pandell software to transform disjointed land acquisition management processes into a centralized, streamlined solution.

The International Energy Agency predicts by 2026, global renewable electricity capacity will increase 60% from 2020 levels. With this rapid growth on the horizon, clean energy companies require new scalable software to eliminate inaccurate, manual processes. Pandell’s state-of-the-art Land & GIS software suite ensures renewable developers can track their project acquisition status and stakeholder communications in real-time and carefully manage the resulting land agreements and right-of-way provisions for the acquired assets.

“We’ve been working with renewable energy pioneers since 1999, however, over the past decade we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for specialized land management tools,” says Pandell’s VP, Global Land Solutions, Laura Holt. “The industry can’t rely on spreadsheets and home-grown asset tracking systems because there’s too much data to track effectively and corporate obligations are slipping through the cracks,” she continued. “By engaging directly with clean energy operators and developers to learn where better process tracking would be effective, we’ve filled those gaps and helped them lower their risks.”

Today more than 25% of the world’s top renewable energy providers and a growing number of developers use Pandell’s land solutions. That rate is projected to rise to 40% over the next two years as clean energy production grows and Pandell continues its assertive lead on the technology front.

Overcoming Development Challenges with Pandell Solutions

Clean energy project developers have a common goal: to ensure projects are profitable with minimal environmental impact and maximum support by stakeholders. Attaining this goal presents a unique set of challenges for land asset managers:

  • Difficulty juggling multiple projects across geographic regions and asset types
  • Inefficient communication between internal teams and external service providers
  • Projects being bought and sold at any time during the development cycle

Pandell has helped dozens of clean energy companies including Steelhead Americas, Triple Oak Power, and Boralex, tackle these challenges this year.

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Steelhead Americas: Tracking Multiple Projects in Multiple Areas

Steelhead Americas is the project development arm of Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. The company was struggling to manage an enormous amount of site control agreements and lease options across multiple sites. They found it extremely time-consuming with various moving parts such as dealing with 200+ landowners for a single wind project or one host for a solar DG project. The company adopted Pandell land software to centralize its land acquisition project work and support the complete land asset lifecycle, including owner contact management, acquisition, development, production, and divestiture. After implementing Pandell software, Steelhead now manages, maps, and communicates all surface leases, third party agreements, and First Nations consultations over the web. In addition, their new land system integrates smoothly with their Esri GIS mapping system to plot agreement and project data on a map so the team can more easily spot mistakes and verify accurate information. Real-time updates keep GIS, land records systems and third-party systems in sync across the organization. Strong security features keep data safe and allow for workflow and user accountability tracking.

Triple Oak: Accessing Real-Time Information from Anywhere

Triple Oak Power selected Pandell’s land suite for its scalability and accessibility. The wind developer startup wanted to generate and capture data in the field, at the source, without having to re-enter data or give unrestricted enterprise access to external land service resources. With Pandell’s newly released mobile ap, the company’s project managers and field agents can assign and manage tasks, record agent logs and landowner communications, and upload photographs and documents directly from their mobile device, even while offline in remote areas.

Boralex: Reporting at All Stages of the Project Lifecycle

Reliable, real-time reporting is crucial to renewable companies because projects can be bought and sold at anytime during the development phase. Boralex, a Canadian based power company that develops, builds, and operates renewable energy power facilities in Canada, Europe, and the United States, selected Pandell’s land & GIS solution for its executive dashboard reporting and centralized data repository. The company previously stored land acquisition, lease administration, and project information in multiple distinct locations which was taking the internal team way too much time to compile and track. Since being armed with a single, real-time database from which to segment, view and report information in multiple formats, company executives now have the confidence and agility to manage assets at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Learn more about how these and other renewable energy companies are deploying Pandell’s Land & GIS software to track and analyze project costs and to manage land assets & leases, stakeholder contracts & communications, payment obligations, and GIS mapping.

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