Pandell Staff Raise $25k for Canadian and USA Charities Helping People with Developmental Disabilities

Dec 15 2022 | Community

Today Pandell donated over $12,500 each to the Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary (DDRC) and to the Friends of Down Syndrome organization in Houston, as part of its annual team charity program.

But not all that money came from the company’s bank account. Half came from staff.

Pandell staff rallied all over North America – Calgary, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, Houston, Denver, Seattle, and Arizona ― to participate in our first company-wide charitable fundraising project the whole team could get behind. Throughout November (aka “Doughvember”) staff voluntarily paid to participate in virtual Bingo games, online video gaming sessions, 50/50 draws, executive-basket raffles, silent auctions, and virtual office parties. These activities engaged 98% of Pandell’s 150 staff, making it truly a team building, collaborative initiative. Pandell’s corporate office matched staff funds dollar for dollar, resulting in $25,000 which was divided equally between the charities

The two registered charities were selected by Pandell’s Charity Committee: a group of staff volunteers from both sides of the US/CA border. “This year’s charity program really hit close to my heart,” said Eliza Edwards, Pandell Customer Engagement Specialist. “My late sister had complex developmental disabilities and my family experienced first-hand how scarce resources are for people like her. So, it really made me proud to see everyone come together to support the work these charities are doing in our communities. It felt good to be a part of it.”

“I’m very proud of our team and what they accomplish when they work together,” said Greg Chudiak, Pandell’s President and CEO. “Our role as an employer is not only to provide people with jobs, its also to provide a rich environment for helping them find their purpose, whatever that happens to be. Sharing these experiences helps us all recognize the good we have to offer, and how much of an impact we can make together.”

For additional information, please direct inquiries to or call toll-free 1-855-PANDELL.

About the DDRC

The Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary (DDRC) is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization dedicated to including people with developmental disabilities into the community in real and meaningful ways. Real and meaningful ways means being able to attend the same school as other children and in the same classroom, securing a real job with real wages, living in a real home of your own choosing, and having friends. The DDRC not only provides programs and services to support children and adults with developmental disabilities, but also exists as a resource centre to the public to support the inclusion of all people.

About Friends of Down Syndrome

Friends of Down Syndrome is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting the Down syndrome community in Houston. Its dedication to lifelong learning is at the center of the organization, and toward that goal, it is raising funds for the build-out and future operation of its Down Syndrome Academy. Texas is 50th out of 50 states in spending on individuals with developmental differences (IDD). Individuals with Down syndrome are part of that community. The reality is that of the IDD population, only 15% have a paid job. But 47% are seeking work. And of high school students with IDD, only 23% go on to attend a 2- or 4- year school. Post high school options are limited. The ones that exist are targeted at high functioning Down syndrome individuals. Students with Down Syndrome require more than life skills that are taught in high school. They must have continuous reinforcement and repetition to retain learning. This is where Down Syndrome Academy makes its mark.

About Pandell

Pandell is an industry leader in delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to 500+ energy companies in Canada, the USA, and abroad. Our customers range from startups to major enterprises across energy sectors including oil & gas, pipelines, utilities, mining, and renewable energy. Our cloud-hosted product suite helps finance, land, and field operations run their business more effectively; while our enterprise division builds and manages large-scale web portal applications that facilitate work across organizations. Combining the strength of our industry experience, Lithium™ technology, and practical software subscription model, we are Crafting the Future of Energy Software.