Imagine Billing on the Same Day of Service. It Can Happen.

Field tickets are only the first step in your accounting process and ensuring recorded ticket data can be digitally transferred to your business accounting system is a critical part of what Jobutrax offers your business.

Vendor Invoice Portal

Pandell VP helps unite suppliers with E&P companies that use Pandell AP software for their invoice coding, routing, and approval. If you’re a service supplier to a company that uses Pandell AP, you can request access to Pandell VP, a free web portal with some unique benefits.

Here are just 5 of those benefits:

  1. Free invoice submissions through Pandell VP ‐ Services vendors incur absolutely no contracts or service fees to submit invoices through the Pandell VP web portal. None. Nada. Zippo.

  2. Free setup, training, and support ‐ Free training and support services are offered to new Pandell VP users. …and a simple orientation is all you need because what we hear most often is… “This is hands-down the easiest invoice portal I’ve ever used!”

  3. Invoice validation ‐ As you enter your invoices, they validate against required billing information specified by the E&P company. This helps prevent delays in invoice approval and payment due to errors or inaccuracies. Validation coding checks include: AFEs, cost centers, accounts, and sub accounts.

  4. Invoice cost splitting ‐ Pandell VP will automatically split your invoice balances to meet AFE and cost center billing requirements specified by the E&P company. This means you don’t have to spend all day entering line items for each designated AFE or cost center.

  5. Invoice status tracking ‐ You can login to track the status of your invoice anytime instead of calling to check.

Learn more by visiting the Pandell VP website or contacting sales at

Can You Export to Excel? Yes of Course!

Any data management tool worth its salt today must offer a quick and easy export to Excel. So naturally, Jobutrax delivers. With a few simple key strokes, you can search whatever data you need, export it to Excel, and then create whatever fancy reports you need to make your business run like a champ.

3rd Party Accounting Systems

Data from Quickbooks, Sage, and other accounting systems can be digitally directed into Pandell VP. You’ll save time, eliminate data entry errors, and prevent embarrassing duplicate invoicing. Just ask and we’ll be happy to provide details. Learn more by visiting the Pandell VP website or contacting sales at