Call for Consent Stakeholders to Register for Connect™

Oct 17 2016 | Product News

Update 10/17/2016 - Pandell Connect is now live! To get started with Connect simply sign in or register.

This fall, Pandell is launching Connect, a robust web-based communication hub for upstream E&P companies, land brokerages, midstream energy companies, and other groups involved in the process of requesting and granting land use consents. The development of Connect was driven by our Projects™ and Crossings™ community – a group of 65 intermediate energy companies and land brokerages – who required a more efficient and transparent way to communicate consent requests and agreements. Connect is now in its second phase of development, signified by onboarding of those 65 primary companies, and registration of other Requestors and Grantors within the energy sector. Upon its release in 2016 Q4, Connect will replace existing inefficient practices with a significantly faster and more orderly industry process for communicating requests and consents. Independently, Requestors and Grantors will gain the following advantages:

  • For Requestors

    Land Brokers, Consultants, Producers, Midstream, etc.
    • An average of 60% faster consent acquisition
    • Real-time approval status updates anytime & anywhere
    • Seamless communication with Grantors
    • No user fees, transaction fees, or license obligations

    Requestors Using Connect

    Using Connect, you’ll be able to login and post your consent request using a standard request form. You’ll upload and attach all required documentation in any file format, and then identify your necessary Grantors. The instant you post your request, your Grantors will be automatically notified to advise them of a request requiring their action. Your request will stay securely stored in Connect for you and your stakeholders to view anytime. You’ll see ongoing Grantor activity including acceptance or rejection of your request, and you’ll get immediately notified when an Agreement is posted. You won’t have to search for correspondence that’s buried in your email because a full auditable request and consent history will be tracked in Connect. Finally, if you already use Pandell Projects you’ll be able to seamlessly upload and download documents and communicate with your Grantors directly from within Projects.

  • For Grantors

    Producers, Utilities, Pipelines, Municipalities, etc.
    • Standardized, validated, and organized incoming requests all through a central web portal
    • A dashboard of requests that are awaiting action, in progress, and filed
    • Seamless communication with Requestors
    • No user fees, transaction fees, or license obligations

    Grantors Using Connect

    Connect will standardize your incoming consent requests and eliminate the manual consolidation required to manage a collection of mailed-in, faxed, and emailed requests. Built-in system validations will prevent Requestors from submitting incomplete information, so you won’t have to chase down additional documentation. In addition, Connect will provide you and your Requestors a real-time view of the status of any active request, which will cut back on those ongoing check-in calls. You’ll be able to login anytime to see what new and active requests you have listed on your activities dashboard. Plus you’ll have a centralized history of all requests and correspondence easily available for reference and audit purposes. Finally, if you use Pandell Crossings you’ll gain the advantage of automatic uploading and downloading of data and documents through Connect, and be able to drive communication from within the system.

    The icing on the cake is that as a consent Grantor, you get to use Connect for free indefinitely. Whether you post five or five hundred agreements a week, your costs will be zero. That includes hosting all your data securely in the cloud, and unlimited system users.

Rollout Plan

Phase 1 Build & Beta Test 2015 - 2016 Complete
Phase 2 Register Requestors & Grantors Summer 2016 Complete
Phase 3 Go Live Fall 2016 Complete

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