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2019 Year-End Summary of Events

2019 | Events
    • Nov 27 - CPA Canada Conference

      Pandell is exhibiting today at the CPA Canada Conference with the theme "It's Time For an Integrated Financial Suite" and encouraging attendees to enter to win our Apple Watch giveaway.

    • Oct 28 - ESRI GeoConX

      We're exhibiting at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta today for the ESRI GeoConX conference. Attendees can come by our booth to learn about our Land Management and GIS software and to enter to win a booze basket.

    • Oct 9 - CanWea Calgary

      Visiting with wind clients at CanWEA in Calgary today! Guests visited our booth to chat about our Land and GIS products and enter to win an Amazon Echo basket.

    • Sep 30 - Houston Pipeliner Golf Tournament

      Out on the course serving up drinks and "the perfect pair" golf sacks to all the golfers at the Houston Pipeliners Golf Tournament in Kingwood.

    • Sep 19 - CAPL Conference

      We had so much fun hosting the Pandell Tiki Bar at the CAPL Ancient Polynesian windup party! We served up signature cocktails that paired with CAPL's theme "ignite the conversation".

    • Sep 15 - FORM Charity Golf

      Beautiful Day for a charity golf tournament at Redwood Meadows Golf Course. Golfers are playing entertaining "Minute to Win it" games at our hole prior to tee-ing off!

    • Aug 15 - CAPL Golf Tournament

      Well there's the Sunshine! We're at the 2019 CAPL Golf Tourney on this beautiful day. Golfers are visiting our hole to play, "One Giant Leap for Land Kind". One lucky winner gets to take home a Booze and Movie Pack.

    • Aug 12 - Roseland South Texas Oil & Gas Convention

      Beer at the Alamodome in San Antonio! We are at the South Texas Roseland Oil & Gas show showcasing our Jobutrax field ticketing software and giving attendees a chance to win a jam-packed cooler full of beer!

    • July 24 - PSAC Working Energy Golf Classic

      We're playing Truckin' Field Tickets Through Jumanji out on hole 12 at the Inglewood golf course today for the PSAC Working Energy Golf Classic! Players get entered to win a Pandell Party Pack.

    • July 9 - ESRI User Conference San Diego

      Celebrating receiving the 20-year ESRI Conerstone Award at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego. Visitors to our booth are entered to win a Pandell beer basket.

    • June 20 - AASLA Education Conference

      We're all set up at the AASLA Education Conference in Red Deer today. We have a booth setup and are encouraging attendees to enter to win our SHIT basket (Support, Hosting, Integration and Technology).

    • June 19 - IRWA Chapter 48 Golf Tournament

      We served up a trio of land software themed drinks at the IRWA Chapter 48 Calgary golf tournament today! The Cranberry Connect, Sweet R3 and a land broker favourite, the Secret Agent.

    • June 11 - IRWA Education Conference

      We're at the Hilton in downtown Portland today to talk with utility, pipeline and government agencies about our Landworks and GIS software. The conference was very well attended and we left attendees with a Landworks inflatable globe to remember us by.

    • June 30 - PJVA Golf Tournament

      Gorgeous day to be out on the Inglewood Golf Course visiting with golfers. We bought the golfers a drink and had them enter to win our craft beer basket giveaway!

    • June 15 - Peace Region Petroleum Show

      We're in Grand Prairie today for the Peace Region Petroleum Show showcasing our end-to-end billings process management software.

    • June 15 - Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Houston

      Today we're at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston for the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference. We are celebrating a 20-year partnership with Esri by giving away 20 beers!

    • June 15 - Esri User Conference Calgary

      It's a great day to celebrate Pandell's 20 year partnership with Esri by giving away 20 beers! We are at the BMO Center in Calgary for the 2019 Esri Canada User Conference, being recognized as a Cornerstone Partner for our 20 year relationship with Esri.

    • April 2 - CAPLA Hot Button Session: Political Landscape into Upcoming Provincial Election

      It's a great day to celebrate Pandell's 20 year partnership with Esri by giving away 20 beers! We are at the BMO Center in Calgary for the 2019 Esri Canada User Conference, being recognized as a Cornerstone Partner for our 20 year relationship with Esri.

    • Mar 21 - IPAA Wildcatters Golf Tournament

      We are out on the course sponsoring two holes at the IPAA Texas Wildcatter annual Golf Tournament in Cypress, TX. Each golfer was given Pandell koozies/flyer/bottle openers in their golf cart before tee off, and when visiting our holes are invited to enter to win 25 craft beers in our giveaway!

    • Mar 14 - CAPLA Hot Button Session: Bill C-69

      Today we had the privilege of sponsoring a CAPLA "Hot Button Series" regarding Bill C-69 and what it means to the Oil and Gas Industry. We heard from Tracey Stock long time O&G lawyer in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    • Feb 13 - CAPLA Hot Button Session: After Redwater

      Today we sponsored a CAPLA "Hot Button" Session called "The Overturn of Redwater - What's Next" at the Bow building in Calgary. Our president Greg Chudiak did introductions to speakers Lewis Manning and Paul Negenman.

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