Visualize Your Land Assets
on an Interactive Map

Pandell LandWorks uses mapping technology to plot your holdings on interactive displays. Quick inspector panel access to land info gives you a clear picture of your data by viewing representations of your surface and mineral assets.

Pandell LandWorks cloud software interface showing an interactive GIS map A zoomed in section of Pandell LandWorks' interactive visual map
Pandell LandWorks dashboard showing a filtered grid of queried land data A zoomed in section of Pandell LandWorks' reports screen showing land surface data

Search and Report
with Maximum Flexibility

Choose from standard reports or easily filter and save any of your search criteria to create your own fully customized Excel exports. Pandell LandWorks smart grid queries provide flexible reporting tools to drive detailed analysis and decision making.

Achieve Better Data Integrity
& Avoid Errors

Intuitive data processing workflows and time-saving shortcuts reduce errors and redundant data-entry. Granular data tracking produces more detailed acreage histories and enables Pandell LandWorks to create your own chain of title for you.

Pandell LandWorks interface displaying comprehensive surface details A zoomed in section of Pandell LandWorks' surface details window
Pandell XD dashboard

View Combined Data from Across Your Enterprise

LandWorks seamlessly integrates with Pandell’s executive dashboard, Pandell XD, a powerful reporting tool that aggregates financial, land, and operational data into graphs and charts to monitor trends and KPIs in real-time. Its as simple as selecting data attributes from Pandell’s LandWorks, Projects, JV, AP, AFE, and other key systems, to analyze your data your way.

Pandell LandWorks' User Interface Is What Modern Land Management Software Should Look Like

Sonia Jensen, Compliance Land Analyst
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd.

The best thing about Pandell LandWorks is the Grid. It makes it easy to find all the contracts that I’m looking for and to see the big picture of the land that I’m reviewing.

Barbara Joy, VP Land
Strategic Oil and Gas

Pandell LandWorks is easy to use, clearly links ownership and interests, and is built on a foundation with fundamental principles that increase data integrity.

Janet Halper, Senior Land Consultant
Tamarack Valley Energy

Pandell LandWorks is by far the best land system available. I’m able to create reports with exactly the information I want, rather than a “canned” report with no way to filter information.

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