Land Software Features

Pandell LandWorks Oil and Gas Land Software Delivers the Best Value-Added Features.

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More Organized Data

  • Manages Mineral & Contracts
  • Manages Third Party Agreements
  • Joint Interest Module Info icon
    Manage Your Joint Interest Assets
    • Create and manage Unit, CO&O/O&O and Service Agreements. Generate mail ballots, assignments, schedules, and exhibits.
  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Business Rules for Surface Files
  • Records Change History of all Data
  • Manages Surface Agreements
  • Manages Fee Titles
  • Builds Chain of Title Diagram Info icon
    Chain of Title Diagram Sample
    • Diagram showing Chain of Title built by Pandell LandWorks
  • Extensive Data Fields
  • Store Supporting Documents
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Drives Faster Workflow

  • Generates Rental Payments
  • Generates Notices of Assignment
  • Tracks Obligations
  • Product Allocation Schedules
  • “Well Helper” Selection at Setup Info icon
    Don’t Waste Time Searching for Wells
    • Well Helper proposes wells that may belong on the lease or contract, based on the location, rights, zones, and spacing unit, of the wells and land rights.
  • Notifications
  • Generates Invoices
  • Customizable Letter Templates
  • Rent Reviews
  • Automatic DOI Checking
  • Auto-update Interest For Amalg.
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Flexible Reporting

  • Executive Dashboard Info icon
    Cross-Enterprise Reporting
    • Combine rolled-up land lease & contract data with your project and financial data to view results, trends, and comparisons in a variety of charts, maps, and other widgets.
  • Smart Folders Info icon
    Save & Recall Your Advanced Searches
    • Build a dynamic list of all your common data searches. Smart Folders pull in data so you never have to worry about outdated report information.
  • Search Exports to Excel
  • Acreage Reconciliation Export
  • Error Summary Report
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Industry Standard Reports
  • Map Inspector
  • Acreage Reporting
  • Generate PDF and Excel Reports
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Link to Other Systems

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Bar-Raising Support

  • Live help desk Info icon
  • Web support library Info icon
  • Industry experts Info icon
  • User training Info icon
  • Networking Events Info icon
  • User lunch & learns Info icon
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Big Picture Gains

  • Free upgrades Info icon
  • Free support Info icon
  • Product integration Info icon
  • Leading technology Info icon
  • Data hosting Info icon
  • Bundled pricing Info icon