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Land Software Features

Pandell LandWorks is an All-Inclusive Land Management System with Features to Support Every Energy Company.

Report Icon

Unbeatable Reporting

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Repeatable Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Report Creation Wizard
  • Change Tracking
  • Batch Reporting
  • Exhibit A Report
  • Acreage Summary
  • Esri ArcGIS Map Reporting
  • Expiring Area Report
  • Agreement Summary
  • Master Tract Summary
  • Payment Recommendations
  • Project Payables and Receivables
  • Payments Due and Paid Report
  • Industry-Specific Project Reporting
Forms icon

Complex Data Management

  • Surface, Mineral, and Contract Lands
  • R.O.W. Communication & Leases
  • End-to-End Lifecycle Support Info icon
    With You from Start to Finish
    • Whether it’s a 6-month or 60-year project, your land management obligations can’t be overlooked. LandWorks facilitates management of the complete land asset lifecycle including owner contact management, acquisition, development, production, and disposal.
  • At-a-Glance Project Dashboard
  • Tracking Obligations & Expiries
  • Mobile Contact Management Info icon
    Work from Anywhere
    • Field agents can update landowner contact information and print contact history reports using mobile devices.
  • Data File Import/Export Utilities
  • Historical Data-Change Tracking
  • Project Management Module
  • Configurable Permissions
  • Administrator Controls
  • Mass-Change Capabilities
  • Task Model Status Indicators
  • Partner Invoice & Receivables Modules Info icon
    Invoice Your Partners Faster
    • Allocate a share of any payment type to a tract and divide that share among the lessees. Then generate an invoice to each lessee and track payment of each invoice.
  • Multinational Capacity Info icon
    Supports Global Operations
    • Pandell LandWorks simultaneously supports multiple languages, currencies, date formats, and any unit of measure based on each user’s login ID.
Workflow icon

Powerful Workflow Tools

  • Obligation Reminders
  • Royalty Payment Calculator
  • Automated Form Creation
  • DMS Data Synchronization
  • Check Writer & Register Info icon
    Automated Time Savers
    • Manage payments and annual 1099 reporting; automate complex rental or production royalty payments for renewable energy and mining leases; and determine production royalty payment amounts using customizable calculation formulas.
  • GIS & AutoMapper
  • Dissection of Overlapping Lease Tract Polygons
  • Agreements Search
  • Master Tracts Search
  • MT/Agmt Linking Wizard Info icon
    Auto-Link Related Data
    • LandWorks’ Linking Wizard facilitates linking grantors/lessors, grantees/lessees, operations, documents, payments, and cross references; and, provides a summary of links before finalizing any changes.
  • Complex Recurring Rental Payments
  • Database Imports & Exports
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Field Display Configuration
  • Automated Escalation Management
  • DMS Runner Info icon
    Prevent Redundant Work
    • Link one document to multiple agreements, such as in the case of an assignment. Multiple documents can be linked to a single master tract or project. DMS Runner can create master tracts and projects if tract or project numbers are passed and those records don’t exist in LandWorks.
  • Flexible Security Settings Info icon
    You’re in the Driver’s Seat
    • Grant role-based security permissions based on various criteria including screen, division, workflow stage, business process, project and more.
  • Provision/Task Models
  • Formation Maintenance
  • GIS-integrated eCalendars
Infolink icon

System Integrations

  • Pandell GIS
  • Financial Accounting Systems
  • AFE Management Systems
  • Field Data Capture Systems
  • Esri ArcGIS Mapping System

Bar-Raising Support

  • Live help desk Info icon
  • Web support library Info icon
  • Industry experts Info icon
  • User training Info icon
  • Networking Events Info icon
  • User lunch & learns Info icon

Big Picture Gains

  • Free upgrades Info icon
  • Free support Info icon
  • Product integration Info icon
  • Leading technology Info icon
  • Data hosting Info icon
  • Bundled pricing Info icon

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