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Real Insights into Clean Energy Land Management

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Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. is a Canadian renewable energy and regulated utility conglomerate that actively develops and operates hydroelectric, renewable energy (including wind and solar power facilities), and utility businesses across North America through its two operating subsidiaries: Liberty Power and Liberty Utilities.

Whether Algonquin’s land asset managers work from home or in the office, they don’t miss a beat tracking the company’s land lease and contract obligations, thanks to powerful land management software provided by Pandell.

Sign up to watch a pre-recorded interview with Algonquin’s Development Specialist and Operations Coordinator, who discuss how Pandell LandWorks helps their teams effectively manage the company’s extensive land assets, and the growing role of renewable energy in the electric utilities industry. The two industry experts also answer questions from a virtual audience on land management best practices for utilities operating projects that span multiple energy sectors.

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Find out how Algonquin manages expiring leases with Pandell LandWorks.
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Full Interview Questions

  1. All About Our Company
  2. What Do You Think of LandWorks?
  3. How Does Integration Save You Time?
  4. Do You Use the File Import Utility?
  5. What Other Challenges Does LandWorks Overcome?
    • A Central Data System
    • Tracking Payments
    • Customize & Link Info
    • Managing Expiring Leases
    • Improve Communication
    • Tracking History
    • Support Accessibility
    • Document Storage
  6. How Do You Handle Various Payments?
    • Making Fixed Payments
    • Making Royalty Payments
  7. What Is The Industry Outlook for Renewables?

Audience Questions

  1. Describe the payment batch integration.
  2. Are your payments processed through SAP?
  3. How do you generate letters to Landowners?
  4. Do I need an IT background?