Right of Way Software Features

Add Crossings Right of Way Acquisition Software to Your Land System to More Efficiently Manage Your Consents.

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Generates Agreements

  • Consent Description Builder Info icon
    Standardize your Data Descriptions
    • You can populate your own data drop down lists to ensure all crossings information that appears on agreements is selected from validated, standard descriptions.
  • Manage your Document Templates Info icon
    Configure your Templates
    • Document templates can be configured for each consent type (crossing, encroachment, proximity and temporary workspace) or for grouping all consents into one document. You control the content, rather than getting stuck with one template.
  • Auto-Create Standard or Custom Agreements
  • Create Special Clauses
  • DLS & NTS legal Descriptions
  • Upload and Link Related Documents.
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Unbeatable Reporting

  • Addendum Detail Report
  • Consent Summary Report
  • Custom Grid Search & Save Info icon
    Save and Recall Your Advanced Searches
    • Build a dynamic list of all your common data searches and save them in Smart folders for easy, fast recall. Smart folders pull in live data so you never have to worry about outdated report information.
  • Executive Dashboard Info icon
    Executive Analytics at a Glance
    • The Crossings dashboard provides high level statistics and graphs of key analytics including: Consents by type, Consents by area, Agreement Activity Monitor, Recently Viewed Documents, and more.
  • Full Audit History of File Changes
  • Master Agreement Summary Report
  • Real-Time Data
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Link to Other Systems

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Bar-Raising Support

  • Live help desk Info icon
  • Web support library Info icon
  • Industry experts Info icon
  • User training Info icon
  • Networking Events Info icon
  • User lunch & learns Info icon
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Big Picture Gains

  • Free upgrades Info icon
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  • Product integration Info icon
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  • Data hosting Info icon
  • Bundled pricing Info icon