Converting to Pandell JV

Pandell's Quick, Accurate and Trouble-Free Accounting System Migration

Pandell's field-proven conversion process is possible thanks to two key elements: one — an in-house developed tool-set that maps out data from your current system into Pandell JV; and two — a dedicated team of conversion specialists that works with you every step of the way. Together these resources enable a rapid system transition so that you don’t have to maintain two systems concurrently.

These are the 3 simple steps in our conversion process:

Step 1: Duplicate your Masterfiles

We start by copying all Masterfiles from your old system into Pandell JV. These include:

Duplicate your master files
  • Chart of Accounts
  • SubFeatures
  • Vendor/Customer Tables
  • Area Master
  • Costcenters
  • AFE's
  • Working Interest Clearings (DOI's)

We use your current codes for these Masterfiles to ensure that the Historical Data Load can easily be verified for completeness and accuracy.

Step 2: Load your historical data

Next we load Pandell JV with all your historical data by transaction. This maintains the details of your old accounting system, including:

Load your historical data
  • Cheque references (for Bank Reconciliations)
  • AP/AR history by Vendor
  • AFE Inception to date costs (by transaction)
  • Net Operating Revenue (Sales less royalties and operating costs) by production month and transaction.

This type of transaction load allows you to continue your historical trending and analysis from one accounting system without having to maintain a separate 'read only' copy of your old system.

Step 3: Globally Seek and Replace

We've developed a toolset in Pandell JV that enables you to replace the nomenclature of your old accounting system with naming conventions that are easier to identify. This step invites you to take advantage of Pandell JV's more user-friendly short names, including:

Globally Seek and Replace
  • Alpha / Numeric Vendor
  • Costcenter
  • Area
  • AFE

After converting to Pandell JV, you won't have to remember your old naming conventions when analyzing your historical data. These tools will painlessly mold your data so that it will look and feel as if Pandell JV has been your accounting system since day one.

In summary, Pandell provides a time-tested conversion process that will accurately convert your data while maintaining the integrity and availability of your historical data within a timely and professional manner.