PetroNet is now a part of Pandell. Learn about this change

PetroNet is now a part of Pandell. Learn about this change

Visualize your Production, Receipts, and Sales Data

Pandell PA offers a big picture view of what’s going on in your flow network. Verify your master setup data and view flow diagrams of live monthly data from production to sales. Export schematics to pdf to see what’s changed month to month.

Pandell PA dashboard showing all of a company's Master lists accessible in the same interface Pandell PA interface sample showing the volumetrics input of gas production meters

Manage Your Complex Gas Allocation Process

Pandell PA goes beyond basics by providing a robust gas module for complex gas allocation processes. Upstream and midstream companies benefit from gas plant handling that includes multiple liquid extractions.

Link PA Data Directly with your JV Financial System

Redundant data entry is a waste of time. Pandell PA’s two-way integration with Pandell JV syncs master files and revenue/royalty vouchers. Even better: bundle PA with JV and Geo to get unified customer support and lower startup costs.

Kent Geddes
JRL Consulting

I highly recommend Pandell PA to all of my start up and junior oil and gas clients. It offers the best production accounting product support, and really listens to the voice of the smaller businesses.

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