LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

LandWorks is now part of Pandell. Read more

Oilfield Software Screenshots

View Sample Screens of our Easy-to-Use Jobutrax Oilfield Software.

Here are screenshots of Pandell Jobutrax oilfield services software's user interface. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Screenshots and user interface are subject to change as Pandell Jobutrax is always growing and evolving to help better serve our clients.

Pandell Jobutrax software's field ticket management interface
Field ticket being created easily and quickly on a tablet device
A sample of an oilfield work ticket generated via Jobutrax
Jobutrax oilfield services software interface showing timesheets, their statuses, and other actionable items
Jobutrax software interface showing rates for billable items
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